Meet the Sullivans: Owen's "My First Day of Pre-K" Interview & Printable

September 9, 2016

Owen's "My First Day of Pre-K" Interview & Printable

As you know, Owen started Pre-K this week, so just like in years past, I made a First Day of School Interview Printable, and asked him a bunch of questions!

One day last week, when Luke was sleeping, Owen and I were playing and I asked him what he is most excited for about school starting, and he said, "Having a new experience." I was kind of caught off guard by his answer, because it seemed so grown-up to me. 

In years past I've used the My First Day Preschool interview that I made, but this year I wanted to create something that captures a more complete picture of what Owen is like right now, so this interview has a few extra questions and a little space for him to show how he writes his name.

I loved asking him to answer the questions! Watching him think about his answers and then share them with me was a really fun activity. I was thrilled to hear him say that salmon is still his favorite food and that his favorite place is Disneyland, because so is mine. I thought it was super funny that he said he wants to learn more about cookies this year. These interviews will be a treasure for years to come!

If you'd like, you can download and print a copy of the My First Day of Pre-K Interview Prinatble too!

I created this little My First Day of Two Year-Old Preschool interview last year with all the questions & answers I thought we'd enjoy being able to look back on someday. If you'd like a copy of the printable for your own use I've made them available in Google Drive, and you can print them here Preschool, Two Year-Old Preschool and  Three Year-Old Preschool. They are definitely no perfect, but they'll do just fine as a memory keeper.  

OWEN'S POLO & SHORTS (similar)
Owen had a really great first day of school! He was excited to get there, but on the drive I could tell he felt a little nervous. When we got to school he saw some of his little buddies and I could tell he felt at home. The teachers came out to collect the children, and he jumped in line to follow them without even saying good-bye. I had to stop him and steal a kiss before he went in.

When I was taking his picture before leaving for school Owen asked if he could have a turn taking my picture. He had been so patient, and gave me some truly sweet smiles, so I obliged. I hung the camera strap around his neck and showed him the proper way to hold the camera. I stood in front of him and he proceeded to give me directions, saying "Okay mommy, do a good smile! Now give me a Halloween spooky laugh". This boy brings me so much joy! He's the funniest kid I have ever met!

When I picked him up from school later that day he was hot, tired and hungry. He said he played with his buddies, likes the marble maze the most, and that they had cherries with snack. It is such a heartwarming feeling getting to see my boy love school and feel happy to be there. I just hope that his school experiences continue to be so great!

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