Meet the Sullivans: Friday Five: A Thank You, a New Do and Wine

October 14, 2016

Friday Five: A Thank You, a New Do and Wine

Hello, and happy Friday! We are in for a wet and stormy weekend here. I don't usually mind a good storm. I love an excuse to stay in with my family and cook, bake, watch movies, drink lots of coffee, and all that, but we have a lot of outside time planned this weekend. Today we planned to go to a children's fall festival, tomorrow we have family pictures and on Sunday we are going to the Pumpkin Festival. So, keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain for the entire weekend!

Now on to my five...

| O N E | Reader Poll! Thank you so much to everyone who took the reader poll I shared earlier this week! You can read that post HERE. I love hearing your input and love getting your advice! If you haven't taken the poll already please take a second and take it! It is super short and I will be forever thankful! Take the poll.

| T W O | A new do. Owen got a (very handsome!) haircut after school yesterday! I used a photo to show the stylist the look I was hoping for and she got it right on the money. I think he looks so cute, but Owen kept looking in the mirrors around the other shops we went to and gave himself a funny look. I think it was different for him to see his hair so short this time since we waited a lot longer between cuts than we usually do.

We go to Just Kids Cuts in Burlingame, and we always try to make an appointment with Carmen if we can! At $20 a pop + tip it's not cheap for a kid's cut, but it is always a good experience for Owen, and they do a nice job, so it's worth it!

| T H R E E | "Christmas list" strategy! Christmas, what?! No, I'm not seriously already talking about Christmas. We learned this little trick from a friend last year, and it is pure parenting brilliance! Owen always wants more toys -- don't all kids? And because I'm home with him we do a lot of shopping / errands together, so he is pretty much always asking for something. 

We always give him warning before we go into a store whether or not it is a "toy buying day" or not, so he ca set his expectations, but that doesn't always work or help, so last year we started doing something else too. We tell him before we go in the store that he can get some ideas for Christmas and that if there is anything he really wants we can take a picture and send it to Santa. Well, my camera is FULL of pictures of toys now, but at least we're side stepping those toy wanting tantrums we used to have! 

| F O U R | Because kids. I think I need this wine glass. Holler if you hear me!

| F I V E | Girl on the Train. Have you see it yet? I read the book a while ago, and the movie looks really good! I'm hoping to see it come time soon. 

Now we're off to start the weekend! I hope you have a great one!

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