Meet the Sullivans: Luke is 10 Months!

October 5, 2016

Luke is 10 Months!

Baby Luke, you won't be a baby for too much longer, because you're now 10 months old!

Stats: You are 19 lbs 15 oz currently, which I know because we were at the doctor again last week for your cold. You are wearing mostly 12 month and 12-18 month clothes right now and size 4 diapers.

Eating: You still love to eat and it seems like you're always willing to eat something. You love pouches of sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, avocado and little bits of whatever I'm eating. You're still mostly a breastfed baby, but you take formula if I'm not around, but you will rarely ever take it from me -- of course!

Sleep: We are currently two nights into sleep training, which I will have to recap in a few weeks once I know if it's worked for us. You were sleeping so poorly that I finally felt like it's something we can, and needed to, do. You take two naps a day, usually at least on is in the car seat driving to or from somewhere. I have an easy time transferring you though, so it's not really a problem.  Your naps can be anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours.

Owen was intent on putting a flower in your hair while I was taking your pictures, but you didn't really mind. This is your life, little guy. #littlebrother

Health: You just got your two top teeth (at the same time!), so now you have four teeth total. You are getting over the cold / cough you came down with after your flu shot last month.

Likes: Being outside, climbing onto anything you can, going after Owen's toys, the magnets on the fridge and dishwasher, the buttons on the printer, baby touch and feel books, people wearing glasses and hats, bath time!! and dogs!

Dislikes: Having grass touch your legs and feet, the snot sucker, diaper changes, shirts going over your head, baby gates. You are a little sensitive, so if someone makes a loud noise (like a shout) you made a sad face and stick out your bottom lip.

  • You're cruising around on all the furniture, and around your crib when I'm trying to get you to sleep. 
  • You can stand for about 20 seconds on your own and can get up into standing from a squat, although you're not close to walking. 
  • You mimic us when you hear us saying words, but "dadada" is still your favorite word for everything.
  • You are great at using your pincer grasp to get bits of food into your mouth, and you even try to turn the crank on your jack-in-the-box. 
  • One way to get you to laugh is to hide something or someone (Owen!) under a blanket and let you find it. 
  • You can squat down from standing to lower yourself to the ground. 
  • You like to go off and explore the house, and dislike being contained for this reason. 
  • You are very curious about everything around you and spend a lot of your "playtime" finding new non-toys to play with. 
My dear little Luke, it's hard to imagine what our life would be like without you -- you are the perfect little piece that completes the puzzle of our family! 

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