Meet the Sullivans: Weekending: A New Design, Pumpkin Farm & the Cozy Coupe

October 26, 2016

Weekending: A New Design, Pumpkin Farm & the Cozy Coupe

Well, hello there! First off, I want to hear what you think of our new look? I'm loving how clean and simple it is, and I hope you all like it too! I still need to take an updated head shot, so for now I'm using the only non-wedding, non-selfie photo I have of myself.

It's Wednesday and I'm finally here documenting the weekend. It's not like this week has been any extra busy or anything, just regular busy, which is busy enough these days. I have about five minutes to write this while Owen is in school and Luke is still napping in the car seat, so let's get on with it!

These two cuties! Luke is finally willing and able to ride in his Cozy Coupe! The moment Owen saw me pushing Luke around in the car he requested to take over. Luke may have looked a tiny bit scared (don't blame him at all for that!), but he also really seemed to enjoy it. This all lasted for about three minutes until Owen felt like it should be his turn for a ride. I wish I had a picture of my big 'ol almost five year-old squeezed into that little car.

On Saturday afternoon (after the gym, of course) Keith and I got to have a day date! We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves. We thought about going to a movie, but decided we didn't really want to sit inside a dark theater on such a nice day, so we opted for lunch, shopping and a visit to see how our house is doing. I'd been dying to try the Chilaquiles at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Milagros, so we went there.

The house is coming along slowly, but steadily! It is so fun for us to check it out each week to see what they've done. We actually snuck into the structure (not supposed to do that) for the first time and although I've already been in the finished model a bunch of times it was really neat to step foot in our own house. It's almost time to make the final decisions on the finishes too!

We spent the rest of the day hanging at home with the boys and doing stuff around the house.

I think we go to Costco almost every weekend these days, so it's no surprise we were there early Sunday morning. They have all sort of toys for Christmas right now, so we added some ideas to Owen and Luke's wish lists, and I got a couple ideas for myself. The Seasoned Life and Skinny Taste: Fast and Slow are on my list of cookbooks to check out!

I can never get all of my grocery shopping done at just one store, so after we unloaded everything from Costco I had to go back out to Safeway for some smaller items we can't get at Costco. I also picked up this wine by Once Upon a Vine and Keith and I agreed that it was really good for a $13 bottle. Not gonna lie, I totally picked it because I liked the label.

Keith was home on Monday, so I got to take Owen on his field trip to the pumpkin farm! Lukey and Keith went to the gym while O and I drove out to Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm to meet his class. It was nice having some time to talk to Owen in the car, but once we arrived he pretty much took off without me and ran around with his buddies. I'm not even sure he cared I was there most of the time!

The kids got to go on a hay ride, pick a pumpkin from the patch, have a little farm lesson and pretend to drive a tractor! It was a really fun time for the whole class!

Well, that sums up what's been going on with us for the last few days. I hope you and your's are well!

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