Meet the Sullivans: Friday Five: Busy Boxes, Sick Babies and a Recipe

November 4, 2016

Friday Five: Busy Boxes, Sick Babies and a Recipe

Have you guys recovered from Halloween yet? All that candy is so tempting, but I've been trying my best to steer clear! I have the hardest time avoiding the Twix and Peanut Butter Cups. What's your favorite?

| O N E | Luke has been sick most of the week, so instead of our usual routine while Owen is in school of going to the gym, running an errand or going to MOPS we just came home each day instead. I got SO much accomplished each day! I folded laundry, changed all the sheets, cleaned bathrooms, cleaned out a closet and even cleaned out some toys.

Obviously I can't do this everyday because other things need to happen (exercise, groceries, etc.), but it sure was nice to be so productive!

| T W O |  Owen and I cleaned up most of the Halloween decorations yesterday and broke out some Fall decor to carry us through Thanksgiving. We also rediscovered the Thanksgiving Turkey Busy Box I made for Owen last year! He still loves playing with it, so I'm thinking I need to put together a winter themed busy box for him soon!

| T H R E E |  So many of you suggested This is Us and I started watching it, and I am HOOKED! What a great show! I can't get enough of how the story line is playing out. I think Toby and Kate are my favorite characters so far, although I'm really interested in what will happen in the Rebecca and Jack story too. Have you watched the show?

| F O U R |  I saw this article, What Do Stay-at-Home Moms Do All Day?, on Facebook yesterday and fully expected it to be another mommy wars piece, but it wasn't. It is totally funny, because it is the TRUTH. When I took the time to really think about it, it's true... I spend the majority of my days shuttling Owen places, shopping for things we "need", feeding my people and keeping my children from killing themselves. If you're a mom, read it! You'll get a laugh.

| F I V E | I made a version of this Pesto Chicken Pasta Bake last night for dinner and it was fantastic! I subbed the alfredo sauce for a few tablespoons of low-fat cream cheese instead, and I used fresh cherry tomatoes instead of canned. It made a ton too, so it can easily be used for a second dinner the next night!

Now we're off to start the weekend! I hope you have a great one!

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Toni :O) said...

I LOVE the show This Is Us!! Great writing and loving the characters!!