Meet the Sullivans: Our Happy Halloween 2016

November 2, 2016

Our Happy Halloween 2016

Halloween twenty-sixteen, has a really nice ring to it, doesn't it? I feel like we have been preparing for this holiday for months, which I guess we have, because Owen starts asking about it early in September. 

Our Halloween celebrating began on Thursday for Owen's Pre-K class Halloween party and parade! Owen went as an "army guy" and Luke wore his pumpkin costume!

Owen loved seeing all the other kids in his class in his costume, and I could tell he felt a little nervous about showing up in his. It's interesting (and maybe a little heartbreaking) to see him start to become a little more aware of what he thinks other kids think of him. He is a pretty confidant little guy, so I hope he can keep it up as he grows up. 

Luke was like, "What?". This was his first Halloween, so he was probably wondering what all the hoopla was about. I carried him all around and he just watched all the kids as we paraded through the school, and then through the nearby grocery store. He even got to try his first taste(s) of pumpkin pie -- and he loved it!

On Saturday afternoon we invited a few of Owen's buddies over to for a little kid centered Halloween celebration. You all must know by now that Owen loves Halloween, so Keith and I thought it would make his year if he could have a Halloween bash. He's wanted a Halloween birthday party for years, but that would be a little strange in January, don't you think?

This is one of the only pictures I took -- of the food, of course, but if you follow me on Snapchat you probably saw we also had some fun with decorating treat bags, pin the eye on the monster and a pumpkin pinata.

Since the holiday fell on a Monday this year, and Owen didn't have school, the boys and I spent the morning at home. Luke napped, I did chores, O played and then when Luke woke up we went to the gym.

In the late afternoon we headed out to Paddock Park for the Halloween Mom Days event. All the kids dressed up, there were little cookies, pumpkin decorating and some musical entertainment. Both boys really enjoyed themselves! 

I was surprised that Owen actually took a break from playing with the other kids to decorate a little pumpkin. He didn't spend too much time on it, but he did have a main idea for his creation. He started with a green base, added a little blue and then stuck on a lizard sticker and told me and the lady there that it was a Blue Belly Lizard pumpkin -- those are his favorite little critters. I thought that was pretty creative!  

We hurried home after all the fun to get ready for the REAL Halloween fun to begin! Luke napped while I fed Owen dinner and made our dinner. I made my favorite chili, White Bean Turkey Chili for dinner.  When Keith came home we ate quickly and then got the boys dressed and ready to head out.

I was so glad that Owen dressed up in the costume he picked this year for trick-or-treating. He was Commander Cody, his favorite Star Wars character! 

Luke wore his cousin Nick's pumpkin costume! The costume is 20 year old! I felt kind of bad not buying him his own costume for his first Halloween, but this one fit him so well, was cozy enough for a cool night and is darn cute too! Luke came with us to a couple houses, but then we brought him home to hang with Keith's mom when it started to rain.

We went trick-or-treating with our neighbors and I could tell Owen was having the best time. Owen was such a sweet boy at all the houses! He was so cute striking up conversation and sharing little tidbits of information with each neighbor we visited. Keith and I were dying from laughter listening to him. It's time like these that I can't believe that sweet boy is ours and that we get the joy of raising him! 

I hope you had a Happy Halloween! 

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