Meet the Sullivans: Merry Christmas!

December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hello there, my friends! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with the people you love! We had a busy, fun and family-filled holiday weekend, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Keith was off work the week before Christmas, so we went up to the snow for a night and stayed over at my sister-in-law's house in Folsom that night. We spent the rest of the week finishing up our Christmas shopping, wrapping and holiday prepping. Luke's ear infection came back with a vengeance, so we stayed home a lot and baked cookies with family, cooked delicious food and drank lots of coffee. We even managed to sneak in a movie (Rogue One!) and a few naps too!

Here are some photos from the week...

This photo makes me laugh because this is what real-life is like. 90% of the photos I take of Owen and Luke look like this, although I usually share the ones like the one above it! 

Our tree this year! I decided after we decorated it that I wanted to add some garland to pull it all together, so I added a little deco mesh. I have to admit, I am not really a fan of how it turned out, but it did look festive. Next year I'll go with a fabric ribbon as a garland. 

My sweet boys all dressed up for Christmas Eve mass. They both looked super handsome in their ties. Luke wore a bow tie and Owen opted for a standard tie so he could look just like daddy.

We got all dressed up for church, took a nice picture and only lasted for about half the service because Luke was ready for his nap. I ended up driving him around the neighborhood to get him to sleep and then went back to pick up Owen and Keith.

We had a great Christmas Eve with family afterward! We stayed up way too late eating and hanging out. Owen took great pride in putting out cookies for santa and sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn. He was bummed to say goodbye to his Elf, Snow, and gave him a giant cookie as a farewell gift. 

The day after Christmas we went to the zoo because we felt like we really needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air. It was Luke's first trip to the zoo and he really loved seeing some of the animals.

We rode the train, saw some real life reindeer and played at the huge park they have -- likely the boys favorite part!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and that you're recovering well!

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Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Oh no, I hate to hear that about the ear infection! I hope he's feeling better and your pictures are perfect! Love them!