Meet the Sullivans: SNOW Much Fun at Soda Springs

December 23, 2016

SNOW Much Fun at Soda Springs

Earlier this week we took the boys up to Soda Springs Ski Resort to play around in the snow! It's hard to believe that it took us almost five years to take Owen to the snow, but it was certainly worth the wait, because he had a grand old time. On the way up, as we started to see little bits of snow here and there, Owen said, "Oh my gosh, it's my first time seeing snow and it's so AMAZING!".

Soda Springs has a great little area called Planet Kids where children can enjoy tubing carousals, tubing lanes, ski/snowboard learning areas, snow volcanoes to climb and more, so it was the perfect place to bring the boy's for their first snow experience.

It took us about three hours to make it to Soda Springs, with just one stop along the way at Black Bear Diner in Sacramento for breakfast. Once we arrived we got all suited up, which takes a lot of work because of all the layers.

Luke was interested in what was going on around us, checking it all out, and really wanted to get down to crawl in the snow.

Luke had a ball crawling in the snow, and of course, tasting it. I tried to keep him from eating it, but he just could not help himself.

Owen had a blast tubing down the hill and running back up again when he was done. He and Keith built a little snow man and he would spontaneously throw himself down in the snow to make a snow angel. He was in heaven!
Luke enjoyed being pulled around in one of the tubes until we realized his behind was getting soaked from the melted snow poling up on the inside. He and I ended up hiking back to the car to change him, and then went on a hunt for one of his missing shoes. I think next year will be a much better year for Luke in the snow, especially when he can walk a bit more.

Once Luke and I made it back to Planet Kids Owen took a little break for some snacks. They have a bunch of chairs set out and some picnic tables around the snack shack, so we all took the opportunity to relax a bit and enjoy the Christmas music and beautiful scenery.

After a few hours we were all exhausted and ready to head out. After we gave the boys snacks and changed their clothes they both passed out in their car seats for a nap. We had such a fun time and will definitely go back again!

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