Meet the Sullivans: Friday FIVE : Happy New Year!

January 6, 2017

Friday FIVE : Happy New Year!

Hey there my friends! Sorry for my absence lately. No real reason other than that between staying busy with the boys during the day and then spending time with Keith at night I have little time to pick up my computer. Here's a bit of what's been going on with us and what not lately...

1. Happy New Year! Did you celebrate big this year? We went with friends to Hiller Aviation Museum for their "Noon Years Eve" celebration. The have music, face painting, bounce houses and a balloon drop at noon. Perfect NYE spot for families with young children! We went to a nice lunch afterward and then for dinner I fried some steaks. Keith and I watched our show (see below!) and were in bed by 10pm. It was perfect!

This year I have not set a single resolution, goal, weight loss plan or anything of the sort. To be honest, I don't have the time. I think I do a pretty good job of staying organized, we eat healthy 90% of the time, I already love going to the gym if I can, so those basic goals I always make are already essentially covered. I wish I had sat down and to brain storm some deeper meaningful goals, but TIME. We're moving in a couple months, so that will likely be a challenge enough for the year.

2. The Man in the High Castle. Keith and I started watching this after Christmas and we're totally hooked! If you're not familiar the premises is that we lost World War II and that Japan and Germany are now in control of the US. If you're looking for a great show, give this one a try! You can watch it on Amazon. 

3. Ear Infections, Colds and Coughs, oh my! Luke is battling what I hope does not turn into his third ear infection in the last four weeks. He had his first in December which was treated with Amoxicillin and then he followed that one up with a double ear infection, which we treated with Augmentin. Both drugs gave him terrible diaper rashes, which just added to the fun of it all. Poor baby boy. We had a follow-up appointment today and the darn infection is still lingering, although it's not "angry enough" (those were his doctor's words) to treat with more antibiotics. Meanwhile, Owen has had on and off colds and coughs, although his lungs / ears / throat check out fine. And I caught myself bragging the other day about not having a single cold since before Luke was born, and of course woke up with a cold the next morning! Ha! Serves me right, I guess?

4. New Year, New Planner! I might not have goals made for 2017, but I have a calendar (the Erin Condren Life Planner), so I'm not all out of whack. Wait, I take that back... See the year on that beautiful planner of mine that I just ordered? It says 2016. Yep, I ordered my 2017 calendar, but had it printed to say 2017. What was I thinking? Oh well, it will just have to be my reminder to slow down and focus on one thing at a time this year. Maybe that should be my resolution this year? Less multi-tasking!

5. And because I have a few other random little things I want to share...

Owen got a handsome haircut before school starts again!

Our house is coming along, and I am hoping they're putting the windows in today before we have an entire week of rain next week. Oh, and I realized one of the models has the same bathroom counters and cabinet combo we picked, although our fixtures and tile will be different. I was excited to see it in person and not just in little samples. Little things like this make my day.

Luke got to visit the zoo for the first time with us the day after Christmas! It was freezing, but so fun!

We signed Luke up for Gymboree and I took him for his first class this week -- he LOVED it! He tags along on all of Owen's things, and doesn't even have any baby friends his age, which makes me so sad. I noticed that he was in a really great mood all afternoon after his class, laughing and goofing around more. I think he likes seeing other kids his age and having some time that's all about him. I'm excited to take him back again.

I hope you all have a great weekend, my friends!

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