Meet the Sullivans: Our 2016 Family Photos

January 10, 2017

Our 2016 Family Photos

Late last year we had family photos taken with the lovely Carleigh of Sweet Poppy Studios for our Christmas cards. I had entered a giveaway on her Instagram for a  mini session with her, and I was so thrilled when I won. I felt like we hit the winning numbers in the Lotto!

The day we took our photos was one of the windiest and stormiest days that fall, so we were pretty worried about getting even just one good photo to use for our cards. You can't quite tell, but we were smiling in between being blown away. Carleigh went the extra mile for us in our session and in addition to the photos of the four of us she also got a few of the boys together and one really handsome one of Keith and Luke. 

I really liked what we all wore this year, and it totally turned out the way I imagined. How often does that happen? I had planned on Owen wearing the exact shirt we ended up buying at J. Crew for Keith, so our "look" was all centered around Keith's shirt and Luke's sweater one-piece. I'm a big fan of not being matchy in photos but having a nice amount of texture and detail.

This is my favorite photo of the whole bunch! My word those boys are adorable, if I do say so myself. I almost used this on the front of our card this year, but ended up putting it on the back and giving it framed as a gift and on ornaments.

Keith and his mini me. Everyone says they think Luke looks just like Keith did as a baby. He definitely has Keith skin tone, and handsomeness of course.

This is the one photo where Luke was smiling! Poor little guy was probably wondering what was going on!

And this photo is so cute because Carleigh took one of Owen just like this two years ago when she took our photos! My how he's grown! Still has that big, sweet smile though!

Now I just need to decide which ones to include in our gallery wall when we move!

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