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January 25, 2017

Our Home: The Finishes

We got some semi-unfortunate news last week that due to the rain we've been having here in California recently, the completion date for our house to be finished has been pushed out again... this time to June. First it was February / March, then April / May and last week they said June. I'm saying a little prayer that it does not get pushed out any further.

So while I sit here and fume over more delays I'm keeping myself optimistic by admiring the finishes we've chosen.

Our home is being built in brand-new community in our area by a building company, so the builders gave us all the choices to pick from. We are not making any upgrades and went with the "standard finishes" they offer. In all honesty, I liked having fewer choices and I really like everything we're putting in, although I would have loved to have white cabinets, which were an upgrade.

This is what an idea of what the layout of the kitchen will look like. This photo is one I took of the model this summer during the grand opening -- hence all the juice on the island. The pantry is on the wall on the other side of the island. Call me a dork, but I have already been planning out in my head where I'll keep spices / coffee mugs / sippy cups etc. 

Seeing the models before we picked our finishes was really nice. Some of the buyers had to pick theirs before the models opened, and I can't imagine making those decisions without seeing the layout first hand. The sales office was super accommodating too and let us in to see another almost complete home so we could see what some of the standard choices looked like in person.

This is the flooring, cabinet and counter top colors we chose for the kitchen. These will be the floors on most of the main level (kitchen, family room and dining), with the exception of the bathroom and toy room. The counters will be white quartz that has little flecks in it, which you can't see in this photo. I'm a little worried the cabinets will seem really dark, but I guess we could always paint them down the road if we really dislike them.

We had a choice of oil rubbed brozen, satin nickle or polished nickle for the cabinet pulls in the kitchen, bathroom and all the linen / storage cabinets throughout the house. I'm partial to the satin nickle because I think it blends well and doesn't stand out too much. I'm afraid of committing to anything too out-of-the-box in fear of tiring of it down the line.

Our home also comes standard with the range / stove / hood pictured, a dishwasher (in the island) and the microwave / oven in the cabinets. We'll have to buy our own refrigerator and washer / dryers. We're 99% sure we're going to go with a french door style refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. We have to work around the space they left for the fridge.

If you have a fridge or washer / dryer you love I'd love to hear about it because picking them seems daunting!

We will have four bathrooms in our house (so much cleaning!) so we had a lot of choices to make there. Two of the bathrooms will have tubs and the other two will have standing showers. For the standing showers we went with the white quarts for the shower surrounds and counters, and the white square tiles on the floor of the shower. In the boys' bathroom there is a tub so they'll have white quartz counter and surround as well. Really the only difference we chose is the bathroom in Keith's "man cave" which will have a beige counter and off-white quartz shower surround.

This is pretty much what most of the bathrooms will look like as far as cabinets, counters and floors. I'm already considering painting the cabinets in the boys' bathroom a light gray, but I'm afraid I'll ruin them. I've never done much painting!

I don't have any photos of the carpet we chose, but it's a basic cream-ish color.

We made all of our choices months ago, and the good news is I'm not regretting any of them after making the final decisions. I can't wait to see it all come together once it's finished. I drive by about once a week to see if they've made any progress, because it feels like it's taking forever, and last time they had finally installed all of the windows.

There are a bunch of things we have on our list to buy for the house from the things we will really need to buy and of course the things we just really really want.

Thanks for sticking around to read me blabber on about all of this. As you can probably tell, I'm really excited!

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