Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 5!

January 19, 2017

Owen is 5!

Owen is FIVE! Well, that went quickly! The last five years have been the most eventful, fulfilling, joyful, fun, exciting years. Motherhood has completely transformed my life and I have one very bright little boy to thank for that.
We celebrated Owen's birthday lots this week! We had a family party with my grandpa who also celebrated a big birthday this month (he's 91 now!) on Saturday night with dinner, gifts and a delicious Chocolate Chip Chocolate Ganache Bundt cake. Grandpa Bob and Owen blew out the candles together and Owen devoured his piece of cake!

On Sunday we had a kid party for Owen with all his boy buddies from his PreK class. We had a jump house and some other activities that kept this kiddos busy, followed by snacks and cake. We had the party at the YMCA and they did a wonderful job with the whole event. I had never thought of them as a party location, but when I was trying to find a place last minute they came to mind, and I'm so glad it all worked out.

On Wednesday, Owen's actual birthday, he woke up to a birthday banner, more gifts, chocolate donuts and chocolate milk and balloons. In the evening we had fried chicken, per his request, and enjoyed birthday cake with Keith's mom, sister and O's cousins.

He got to be the "helper" at school on Wednesday and then today he'll celebrate with his other January buddies in the class round out the week long celebration!

Here is a little interview I did with Owen today to capture the person he is right now at 5:

How old are you? I'm 5!

What is your favorite tv show? Minecraft movies

What is your favorite thing about school? Outside time

What is your favorite toy? "Glow up wands"

What is something you're really good at? Playing! With mommy.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Army guy or Steve (from Minecraft)

What is your favorite book? Charlotte's Web

What do you take with you to bed each night? Elephant blanky

What is your best friend(s)? Johnny and Isaac

What is your favorite thing you did this year? "Go to Tahoe! And play with the Lone Ranger Lego set up there. I really liked that. And playing at the two creeks (beaches) with the crawdads and the one without the crawdads. That was my favorite!"


You're at such a fun age right now! You have so many neat questions and curiosities, and you're truly just a really fun person. You are great company and you always keep us smiling and laughing with your clever and witty remarks. I'm so proud of the way you've taken to your role as big brother. You're quite thoughtful and conscientious when it comes to your brother. I've seen you put his needs and wants first on many occasions, and I know how hard that is for you to do. You have a big year ahead with our move and starting Kindergarten at a new school, so I'm excited to see where the year takes us. We love you to the moon and back, sweet boy!


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Meghan said...

How did that happen already!?! Noah turned 4 in November so while 5 is coming this year, I'm still in denial! Owen is such a cutie and I love all his answers! And that chocolate cake is the perfect way to celebrate such a big kid!!!