Meet the Sullivans: Scenes from the Weekend

January 30, 2017

Scenes from the Weekend

Well, the weekend started with one sick kid (Luke) and ended with the other one sick too (Owen). Despite all the sickies we still managed to fit a lot in and keep everyone happy and on the way to healthy.

I mean, do either of them even look sick? We spent Friday morning in pjs playing with toys and watching Disney Jr. Friday is the only morning all week when we don't have to be up and out for school, so we love to take it slow on Friday mornings.

After Luke's morning nap we went out to the park for a bit to get a little sun and fresh air before heading to the doctor. Luke mostly stayed in the stroller for most of the time we were there, which is how I knew he wasn't feeling himself. He did enjoy being pushed in the swing my Owen though!

We visited the doctor to find that he has ANOTHER ear infection -- his fourth one since the start of December. Last time it cleared up on its own, but this time we went for the antibiotics since it looked angry and he had many other symptoms. I'm glad we did, because on day two he already seemed 10x better.

Saturday morning I had Open House at Owen's school. I wore the Relaxed Peplum-Hem top I ordered from Old Navy I was telling you about. It's just a t-shirt material, but I love the style. I will definitely buy it in other colors -- the cranberry color is only $13! I ordered my normal size, but would probably size down next time.

After the open house I dashed home to meet up with Keith and the boys to go to Owen's first basketball game! It was so much fun watching the kids play. Some of them really know the game and they all seemed to have a lot of fun playing. They basically chase after the kid with the ball and surround him, ignoring the rules of the game. Owen had a great time!

Saturday night my mom and sister came over for dinner and we all just hung out. Luke was still cranky after not napping well. I was relived to have my mom and sister around to play with the boys etc. while I tried prepping dinner. We did "make your own" pizzas and everyone hung out and relaxed -- it was a perfect Saturday night!

Sunday morning we went to Keith's sisters to visit with his mom. We picked up (way too many) donuts on the way. Owen stayed to play for a bit while we took Luke with us to Costco. Costco with one child and two adults is SUCH a breeze.

We picked up all the essentials like milk, chocolate milk, packages of bunny snacks, etc. I also really like buying their pre-made dinners in the deli. I pretty much always pick up a tray of their stuffed bell peppers for an easy dinner.

The rest of the weekend consisted of naps for 3/4ths of us and lots of rest for Owen. He didn't have a fever, but he was really warm, no appetite, tired out and had the chills. He seems like he is all better this morning, but I'm keeping him home from school just to be sure.

Keith went out for pizza and to watch basketball with some friends so after I put the boys to bed I watched The Bachelor and ate Easy Mac for dinner. That show is such a train wreak! I can't imagine how any of those women truly think that this is the way to find love or a lasting marriage?! I know it has worked out for some past contestants, but I believe that is really rare.

Also, I just have to point out that I seriously need to up my photography game! Sorry for all these boring, blurry, bleak photos! 

Anyway that was the weekend! Hope your's was great!

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Toni :O) said...

The Bachelor is a serious train wreck this season. That's all I've been calling it! Corinne makes me crazy (who has a nanny at 24?!) and I think Nick was a terrible choice for a Bachelor. He seems like such a player that will never settle down. But I keep watching....ugh!