Meet the Sullivans: Five : S-Stown, Charcoal Masks and Brotherly Love

March 31, 2017

Five : S-Stown, Charcoal Masks and Brotherly Love

Hello and HAPPY Friday, my friends! Another week is behind us and the fun of the weekend awaits, so let's get on with it. Here's my five...

jeans (similar) | sandals | tee (similar) | necklace | bracelette

| O N E | I bought these double-strap sandals at Old Navy last week because 1. they are cute 2. they're so comfortable, and 3. they ridiculously inexpensive at around $12. They're a nice alternative to my typical summer go-to of Rainbow flip-flops.

| T W O | Are you into podcasts? Our whole family is, well except for Luke, really. Keith, Owen and I all have our own favorites. The creators of Serial aired S-Town this week and so far I'm hooked. It's about a small town (possible) murder in Alabama. I love the story and the mystery, but the accents are so fun to hear too.

| T H R E E | Living Spaces opens in Milbrae today and I am so excited! I have been eyeing a few of pieces of furniture for months and I can't wait to finally see some of it in person this weekend. They couldn't have opened up at a more convenient time for us too with our move coming up. I've got my eye on THIS and THIS!

| F O U R | The charcoal face mask I ordered on Amazon finally arrived this week! I was excited (and a little afraid) to give it a try, but it was totally painless, and quite effective. I did a medium size layer on my nose and chin to test it out first. I had heard that these can really stick and be kind of painful to remove, but that wasn't my experience at all. Mine peeled off nicely and did a better job that the biore strips I've used before. Of course it didn't completely clear my pores, but it did a good enough job and smoothed my skin. I'll definitely give it another try, but next time I might go a little thicker. 

| F I V E | Yesterday I was washing dishes in the kitchen while the boys were playing quietly in the living room. Well, if you're a mom you know that quiet is nice, but also suspicious, so I peeked in to see what they were up to.... and Owen was holding Luke very similarly to what you see in the picture above and was spinning in (slow) circles. Both kids were smiling and there was some laughing so I watched them for a minute! I love watching their little relationship grow!

How was your week? What's on your agenda for the weekend? Owen is off next week for Spring Break, so I'll be brain storming some ideas to fill our extra time up with some fun activities and adventures.

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