Meet the Sullivans: No Damsels in Destress

March 31, 2017

No Damsels in Destress

I grew up in a family that was totally girl-centric. With no brothers, uncles or cousins to speak of, everything in our family centered around the interests of my sister and I, like ballet, American Girl dolls, boy bands and shopping.

In school the things the boys liked to do always seemed sort of foreign to me, weird and strange even, probably because I just didn't understand them. They played rough, teased each other relentlessly and they were usually loud. Fast forward 30 years and I find my self on the other side of the fence, immersed daily in all those things that boys do. My days are filled with bugs, trucks, Nerf gun battles and Star Wars characters. There isn't a flash of pink among our toys or in our laundry baskets. But what's different now is that I understand these boys a whole lot more!

I want this understanding for my sons too. I want them to know that girls aren't all about dollies, tea parties and pink -- they might actually even be interested in a lot of the same things if they try and find that common interest. They don't have a sister, but they are lucky to have lots of aunts and cousins, two wonderful grandmas, and ME. Above all else I am probably their best example of what a girl can be, although I know they think of me as mommy, and not necessarily a girl. I get the great pleasure and privilege of being their first example of what a girl really is, beyond the princesses they see in most shows. I get to show them that I can be both a lover of pink and also very strong, physically and emotionally.

Children's shows on television sure have changed in the way they depict girls. The female characters on the shows I watched as a young girl were often damsels in distress, cheerleaders and girly girls. The characters in the shows and movies I've listed below

Here are some of Owen's favorite shows and with strong female main characters!

Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh

Doc McStuffins


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Justice League
  The Lego Movie

Dragons: Race to the Edge

What are your kids favorite shows and movies to watch on Netflix? 

Disclosure: As a part of the the Netflix #StreamTeam I receive perks as part of my membership, but all opinions are my own.

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