Meet the Sullivans: The Weekend and Our Menu

March 28, 2017

The Weekend and Our Menu

How's your week going so far? With Keith off on Tuesdays now the week always feels really choppy to me. It's almost like having two Mondays, with the second one is really the middle of the week, and it throws of my planning etc. Anyway, I'd like to think this is why I don't usually get around to writing about the weekend until half way through the week.

On Friday Owen's basketball team photos came in the mail. I just giggle (to myself) whenever I look at this photo of him. He's just such a cutie with the way he's standing, holding the ball and that forced smile. I remember as a kid trying so hard to make my smile look genuine for posed photos, but it's really difficult. Anyway, we'll treasure these forever!

I think I talked a while back about how we were unsure about keeping Owen on his basketball team at first. At the first practice and game we really felt like he was so young compared to the rest of the team. He had just turned 5 and all the other kids were mostly turning 7 -- the league starts at 5 years-old. We decided that since he didn't seems to care, and was having fun, that we would let him continue, and I'm glad we did. He really learned a lot about trying his hardest and the game of basketball. AND he can shoot a basket in a big "daddy size" hoop now!

I often feel like I want to protect him from the world, whether it's other kids being mean, feeling like he failed or being scared, and I think this was a good lesson for me too. We let him get out there and try even though he is younger and smaller, and everything ended up working out okay.

Friday afternoon we went to a birthday party at a trampoline park for one of Owen's classmates. Friday afternoon is my new favorite time for a birthday party. We have no school on Fridays, so I'm always looking for something to fill the day -- from 7am when Keith leaves to 6:30pm when he gets home usually -- it can be a long day at the end of a long week, so this was a great and fun way to spend the afternoon.

And also a fun excuse to use my Erin Condren gift labels! I love that we don't really have to buy birthday cards because the label does all that for us and they make the gift look extra festive too. AND can I also add that I love buying birthday gifts at Five Little Monkeys, not only because they're local (yeah, Amazon is probably cheaper...) but they also wrap your gift up super cute for FREE!

Saturday morning I finished my final HIIT workout in the March HIIT Challenge I was doing. I completed all 20 workouts, plus a few of my own in the month of March. That's more workouts I've done in a month since before Keith and I were married! I definitely feel stronger and my ability to do things like push-ups, burpies and hold planks has greatly improved, but I didn't lose any weight, which is probably because I haven't been as disciplined with my eating. I love this so much I've already put my name in to participate for April!

Saturday was a great day overall. I got a nap, we played at home and finished the day off with a BBQ and margaritas! If you're looking for a great, all-natural margarita mix that doesn't actually taste like a mix you should pick up this one! I bought this bottle at Safeway, but I have also seen it at Target. We really like it!

Sunday morning was a little cold and drizzly, with a forecast of rain in the afternoon, so we got out to the park first thing in the morning. Luke wanted to spend most of his time in the swing and Owen wanted to play tag the entire time. We ended up doing a little exploring in the creek near the park in search of a frog we could hear. This is totally Owen's jam! He would spend all day in the creek or exploring a forest, if we let him. I can't wait for Luke to be a tad older so he can join in the fun too. Also, the creek was super clear and rushing from all the rain we've had this year!

After the park I took off to see Beauty and the Beast with my mom and sister. The Disney cartoon version is one of my favorite movies from when I was little, and Belle has always been my favorite "princess". I've always liked that she's brave, loves books and can stand up for herself and the people she loves. This new version was fantastic! I love everything they did with it and that they stayed true to the original while expanding on the characters just a bit. While I was tempted to buy this magazine and read all about the making of both the cartoon and the new movies, I decided not to-- but I will definitely be buying the movie when it comes out on DVD. 

Here's what's on my dinner menu for the week: 

I used a similar recipe to the one I linked above except I add sliced mushrooms and spinach to my bolognese and I topped ours with a little parm.

Tuesday -  BBQ Chicken Salad

Wednesday - Pesto Chicken Buddha Bowl

I'll share about this if it turns out good!

Friday - take out!

So that was out weekend! How was yours?

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