Meet the Sullivans: Weekend: The Easter Bunny Edition

April 5, 2017

Weekend: The Easter Bunny Edition

I hope you had a great weekend! As usually, ours went by way too quickly! Saturday morning we ventured down to Milpitas to the Great Mall to see the Easter Bunny.

Owen has always loved to seeing the Easter Bunny, but we weren't too sure about how Luke would act this year. He's pretty shy with strangers and is very attached to me lately. He wasn't even into taking a photo with daddy behind the camera. I was sure he would freak out and we'd end up with one of those screaming baby photos people love so much.

This is Owen's attempt at "helping" Luke practice his smile. Poor Luke. I don't know exactly why, but something about this photo reminds me of Heath Ledger as the Joker.

The photographers were really helpful and instructed us to stand back and let Owen get settled with TEB (The Easter Bunny) while they put their camera set up for us, and then right before they started to snap a photo we popped Luke onto his lap. What a great idea, because it really worked!

I think the photos turned out pretty cute! Owen obviously knows just how to sit and smile for a photo. After all, I have given him tons of practice over the years! Luke though, was not convinced. He didn't shed a tear or let out a whimper, but he was just not thrilled or willing to smile. I think he was probably confused! That is a classic Luke face!

The Easter Bunny will be at the Great Mall now through Saturday, April 15th. You can get the exact dates and hours of operation here. And next weekend (Saturday, April 8th from 1pm-3pm) they're having a really fun Dora and Diego Hop into Spring event to kick off the arrival of spring. There will be fun activities, arts and crafts, face painting, and photo opportunities with the characters and of course the Easter Bunny!

Afterward Luke was full of sweet smiles, of course!

We shopped at some of our favorite outlets afterward; J. Crew, Banana Republic and GAP Kids. We all got a few basics (stocked up on t-shirts and shorts for the boys) and I got a pair of Slim Boyfriend jeans at J. Crew for myself. I have a hard time finding jeans and these were at must-buy from the moment I put them on. Luke of course, wouldn't let me put him down even in the dressing room, so trying them on was a little challenging.

We stopped for lunch, and then on the way home, since the boys were both asleep in the car, I got to look around Living Spaces by myself while Keith stayed in the car with them. The store is huge! It took the place of a Kohl's that was there and it takes up the entire space -- all three levels.

A few things I'm considering after my short 20 minute stroll through the store... 

The Everette dresser for the master bedroom. I love the color of this dresser. I also kind of like the rug under it too.

This Marisa rug is so soft and really plush! I'm not quite sure we want something this dark, although it would definitely hide any stains and wear, but I love how comfortable it is.

I was really looking forward to seeing the Sinclair pieces in person having only seen them online. I'm pretty positive we'll be buying the Sinclair media chest in gray, but I'm not sure I love the dresser since the drawers don't seem to be on runners and didn't pull out with ease.

Anyway, I can't wait to go back again on a less busy day and look around a bit more.

The rest of the afternoon we hung out in the yard and watched the boys play with water and with the vegetable garden. I just love these long, warm days! 

How was your weekend?

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