Meet the Sullivans: May 2017

May 24, 2017

Red, White and CUTE with Gymboree + GIVEAWAY!

This post is sponsored by Gymboree, but as always, all opinions are my own. #OneBigHappy

Memorial Day is right around the corner! In our family Memorial Day means the unofficial start to summer, a three day weekend, but most importantly, a day to honor all of the men and women who have fought for our freedom. 

We'll be checking a few fun activities off our summer bucket list this weekend including the Red, White and Brews Festival and possibly some strawberry picking! So, when Gymboree asked if the boys would like to model some of their adorable Americana looks we said YES, because I can never pass up an opportunity to dress my boys up and take their picture!

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I love to have Owen and Luke's clothing coordinate, and because of their sizes range from 18 months to 6T it can be difficult to find cute things that work for both of their sizes. Luckily, I know I can always depend on Gymboree for colorful, seasonal, head-to-toe clothing and accessory collections—quality clothes that let kids be kids!

Not only do they have the cutest outfits, they also have adorable coordinating accessories! Owen absolutely loves his "God Bless America" flag sunglasses, as he calls them. They will be perfect for him to wear not only this weekend for Memorial Day, but also for the 4th of July!

My favorite part of their looks are the patriotic Flag Sneakers! Slip-ons are my favorite kind of shoes of course, and I just wish they came in my size!

We also LOVE the cute Flag Hoodies. The boys have already worn them a few times and get so many compliments on them. The zipper is even red, white and blue!

Owen's outfit details:
Baseball Flag Tee
Flag Sneakers
Flag Hoodie
Flag Sunglasses
Cargo Shorts

Luke's outfit details:
Flag Polo Shirt
Stars Shorts
Flag Sneakers
Flag Hoodie

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you take advantage of the long weekend and head out of town or stay local? Don't forget to check out Gymboree and comment below with your favorite #OneBigHappy summertime moments or the outfits you'd choose to help your family celebrate summer's arrival!

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May 19, 2017

Friday Five

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you've had a great week! Ours flew by, as usual. Here's a bit of this and that from the week...

| O N E | On Mondays I try to take the boys to Paddock Park in the afternoon for Momday Mondays. If you're local it's a fun little way to fill some time with your kids before dinner on a Monday. Each week there is different entertainment from musicians to face painting to puppet shows etc. Luke was really into dancing to the music of Mr. Q this week and Owen had fun running around with all the other big kids.

| T W O | I picked up a new beer this week for Keith and I to try, 21st Amendment Blood Orange IPA. IPAs are my favorite and when I saw this one was blood orange infused I had to try it, and bonus points because it's brewed in San Francisco. It's my new favorite!

| T H R E E | It's been a fun week for Owen! On Wednesday night he and I went to his Kindergarten Orientation. I could tell he was a little nervous about the whole thing, but not too nervous because he willingly and excitedly went off with all the other kids and the K teachers to check out the classrooms while the parents listened to the principal. I'm really excited for him and praying we love our elementary school as much as we've loved our amazing preschool!

| F O U R | Yesterday we went on Owen's class' final field trip of the school year! Luke stayed home with my sister-in-law so Owen and I got to go on the trip just the two of us (plus 21 other kids and their parents + the teachers!). We took the train down to Huddart Park where the kids explored and played in the park, had snack and then we got back on the train. It was a simple little trip, but all the kids were so thrilled to ride the train and go on an adventure. I think he's really going to miss his little class next year!

| F I V E | Did you watch Anne of Green Gables as a little girl? I loved the show and my sister and I were obsessed. I'm so excited because Netflix is bringing it back with a new adapted version! I'll be sharing a little review of it next week along with a fun GIVEAWAY so be sure to stop back for that!

Have a lovely weekend!

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May 16, 2017

Luke's Ear Tube Surgery

Last Wednesday we woke up bright an early to take Luke to the hospital for his ear tube surgery. I know this is a very common procedure that lots of children have had, but in the moment when it's your baby going under anesthesia it feels huge and scary. He's so little and had no idea what was happening. I'm happy to report that everything went very well and Luke seems like he's feeling back to normal.

Before his surgery we met with the ENT and pediatrician for pre-op evaluations. Luke is in great health other than his non-stop ear infections, so we were confident everything would go smoothly, but having him checked out was another great reassurance that everything would be fine.

Leading up to the surgery we had a few phone interviews with various nurses to go over what we should expect the day of and after the surgery, as well as how to prepare. Luke wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything starting at 2am the day of the surgery and we were worried how that would go because he loves to have his milk when he wakes up (even in the middle of the night!) and wants breakfast soon after.Luckily he woke up right as we were ready to leave, so we quickly changed his diaper and strapped him into his car seat.

When we arrived at the hospital we checked into the surgery center and tried to keep Luke distracted. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew something was happening, because he wanted out of there. He's been like this since his first ear infection and any time we're in a awaiting room or exam room he wants OUT, even if the appointment isn't for him. We paced the halls and played with the pay phone (didn't know there were still pay phones out there!).

They brought us back to the pre-op area and asked us a million questions and at this point Luke was melting down. The hour that we were there before they took him back was the longest hour ever. We did our best to make him smile and laugh in all the ways we know how, but it never lasted long. We were all feeling anxious and Luke was upset and we had to stay close to this little room surrounded by a bunch of other people waiting to go into their surgeries. I kept wavering between feeling bad that we were probably making everyone uncomfortable with our crying, screaming child and not caring because I felt so sorry for Luke.

We got to touch base with the ENT and the anesthesiologist before surgery and they kind of went through a quick summary of what they'd be doing. Each nurse and doctor that entered our room asked us the same few questions; who is having surgery, why, what size etc.

Finally, right around 8am the anesthesiologist came with another nurse to take Luke back to the operating room. We knew this would be hard on him, and us, but I felt kind of relieved at this point knowing that soon it would all just be over with. The nurse said that as soon as they got to the OR he stopped crying. They laid him down on the table and gave him the gas to make him fall asleep. Keith and I went to the waiting room and watched the news, and within about 25 minutes the nurse was bringing us back to see him again. It was that quick!

As they were bringing us back to see him I could hear him crying from down the hall. I remembered the nurse telling me on the phone days before to not panic at this point because they are usually hysterical when they start to wake up. He was in this little toddler size hospital bed / cradle and the nurse with him was trying he best to keep him from tumbling out -- he was thrashing all around with his eyes completely shut. They had me sit in a chair to hold him, but he was still so inconsolable and half asleep. They said we had to stay there until he opened his eyes, which he did after about 15 minutes. The ENT talked with Keith and gave us the okay to go home.

Once we got to the car and strapped him in (still crying and upset) he drank his milk. I sat in the back with him on the way home and tried to sing to him, and he would calm down for a moment or two. He finally relaxed a bit when we got inside. He sat in my lap and played with stuffed animals on the couch, ate a little snack and drank more milk. After about 45 minutes he seemed to feel well enough to get down on the floor to play. He was still a little off balance at this point so we stayed close. A couple hours later he was ready for a nap and ended up taking his normal hour and a half rest.

The rest of the day was business as usual for him! After his nap he seemed to be feeling great and we went about a regular day at home with lunch, toys, playing in the yard and all that. I'm so grateful for all the great care he received at the hospital from the doctors and nurses, and so thankful that everything went smoothly!

We'll go back to the ENT in a few weeks to have his ears checked and we're keeping our fingers crossed that the tubes stay in and that this will mean an end to ear infections for Luke!

May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Hey there friends! Coming off another fun-filled weekend always makes Monday that much harder to bear. This Mother's Day was a particularly sweet one this year with Owen. He's five now and he totally gets what's going on. We went shopping for gifts for our moms last week and Owen was really concerned that he wasn't shopping for me too. I reassured him that the sweet little gifts he made at school were enough, but he insisted he had to get something else too. 

Last week all the kids in Owen's PreK class invited their moms to a surprise performance on the Thursday before Mother's Day. They sang us two cute songs and gave us some really adorable handmade gifts. All week Owen had been telling me he couldn't sing them to me because they were a secret, so I was happy to finally get to hear them.

I will absolutely keep this picture he painted FOREVER! He says he picked the colors blue and green because they're my favorite colors, which is correct. He said the pictures are of him crawling when he was a baby, mommy holding him as a baby and the top picture is of "daddy laying on the couch", which totally made me laugh out loud.

While this is totally hilarious I have to defend my husband and tell you that he only lays on the couch some of the time and not "all the time" like Owen explained to us when we inquired about the painting.

See why this age is so fun?!

His other little gifts included a pretty gold painted hand print and a watering can he painted with "grass, the sky and the sunshine" and a little sign that says "My mommy is special because I love snuggling with her and spending time together!".
Saturday I got a little pre-Mom's Day treat and had my hair highlighted! I was way overdue for a hair color, so much that a few people had commented on my "balayage" color, which was actually just my roots and totally unintentionally. Anyway, it was nice to just sit for an hour and a half, and to come out with blonde hair again. I might not be a natural blonde, but I definitely feel like one at heart ;)

Sunday morning I slept in a little and Keith took the boys out to get coffee and breakfast. We enjoyed a slow morning and drank lots of coffee and played around the house. Keith and the boys gave me a cute card and a pedicure. Owen supplemented the gift with some rosemary from the front yard so I could use it for cooking dinner, which is pretty sweet.

Around lunch time we went for a picnic with my mom and sister at our favorite park. It was incredibly windy, and picnics with little children don't always work out as planned, but we had a nice time and enjoyed some mimosas and good food.

And I got the number one thing I secretly wanted for Mother's Day this year, which was a  nice picture of me with my boys in which at least one of the was smiling! Score!

Did you have a nice weekend?

May 5, 2017

Friday Five: First Haircut, Meal Worms and Margaritas!

Hello, and happy Cinco de Mayo! This week was an incredibly hot one for us. We loved the little taste of summer and all the time we got to spend outside, which all contributed to the week seeming to fly by. Here are a few of my favorites from the week:



| O N E | Luke had his first haircut on Tuesday. He instantly looked a year older with his new haircut! It was a pretty stressful experience for all of us. He didn't want to sit in the chair, so he sat in my lap, and pretty much cried and hid his face from his stylist the whole time. Poor kid. He immediately perked up when it was all over and we were out of the chair and he realized he still had his blue lollipop.

| T W O | My bug guy! How sweet is he gazing adoringly at his meal worm? They're responsible for checking on and feeding their very own little "pets" at school and O is totally into his. He has an deep love for squirmy things!

| T H R E E | My friend Kristy is hosting a #MayMomStyle challenge on her Instagram and Wednesday's prompt was is Back to Basics. This black Kimono Style Maxi dress is basically all I wear all summer, so it doesn't get any more basic than that! It's really fun trying to follow along with the prompts and has encouraged me to dig deeper into my closet and step away from my usual uniform of workout clothes.

| F O U R | Since it's Cinco de Mayo today we're having nachos for dinner and I will absolutely be making a couple of my Clementine & Lime Margaritas!

| F I V E | Luke's tube surgery is next week, so yesterday we went for his pre-op visit with the ENT. He went over everything we should expect etc. He can't eat or drink anything from midnight the night before, which will be really hard, and they're going to have to take him from us before he gets anesthesia which will be really difficult. Please say a little prayer for Luke.

And now I'm off because my littlest guy is waking up! Have a lovely weekend!
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May 3, 2017

Bed Buying Decisions, Decisisons

One of the super awesome things about our upcoming move (and there are lots of them!) is that it's given us the excuse to get rid of or replace a lot of things that we no longer need or that haven't been working for us.

Keith and I bought the matress we currently have right before Owen was born. We'd upgraded from a full size bed to a queen, but over the years the mattress has all but fallen apart, so we've decided to get rid of it and upgrade to a king size. Obviously this is amazing because not only will we have more space in our bed, which we surely need with two growing boys, but it also means I get to pick out all new bedding and a new bed! We're going to hold off on buying all new furniture for the rest of our room since there are other things we want and need first.

I'd love your opinions on these headboards since I'm having so much trouble deciding for myself and Keith really could careless so long as it's not terribly ugly or non-functional.

Here are a few master bedrooms I love on Pinterest and the general look I'm going for...

source: Style at Home

Looking at these again I can see that there is a theme here with neutrals and grays. I also know I want all white bedding, which may or may not be a mistake with two little boys who like to eat crackers in my bed. Thank goodness for bleach! But I digress...

I'm torn between a few headboards and the choosing either a cream color, again risky with little kids, or a light gray, which has been a popular color, but will it last?

Right now our bedroom furniture is big and chunky and dark dark brown / black, but we'll be replacing it soon. The master is a pretty good size at about 17x18 feet and gets lots of light. Our walls will be the builder color which is an off white I think, but I'm considering painting the room.

Here are a few I'm considering:


What do you think? What's your personal favorite of these few? Thanks!

May 1, 2017


Hey there, friends! It's always hard to kiss the weekend goodbye when we've had such a great one. The weather was gorgeous and we're all healthy, so it was a particularly nice couple days.

Owen doesn't have school on Fridays, so it always feels like an early start to the weekend for us when we get to take our time Friday morning. It seems like over the past month and a half we've pretty much been at the doctor every Friday somehow, for one reason or another, but this week we weren't!

Luke has been really into smoothies lately and begs at the blender for one, so I made us all chocolate protein shakes (one scoop chocolate protein powder, a banana, milk or almond milk and ice). Lukey climbed up on the couch next to Owen, gave him a hug and snuggled up to watch a show. We try to keep him from any screen time, but this was too cute to stop. I gave them a blanket and their smoothies and just gushed. There is nothing like watching your child love each other.

Luke napped and I packed up lunch for us all and then we headed out to CuriOdyssey to check out their new exhibits and watch the airplanes take off. Luke was much more into checking everything out this time, so it was much more fun for him. He's still pretty afraid of the fog machine though and peeks at it from behind corners.

We spent most of the afternoon in the backyard until it was time to cook dinner. I love this gorgeous warm weather we've been having that allows us to be outside so much!

Saturday morning we hung around the house and had pancakes. We tried the Trader Joe's Coconut pancakes this time.  Keith, Luke and I all liked them, but I think Owen still prefers the Pumpkin Pancake mix.

Around lunch time my mom and sister came by and we all went to the farmer's market near us. It is always so packed up there on a nice day. I love taking Owen through the fruit and vegetable stands because he's usually more interested in trying new things if he sees them being sold there. His picks were some gigantic strawberries, some sweet little tomatoes and our favorite huge chocolate chip cookies. We also grabbed lunch there and had a picnic. 

After the farmer's market Keith and I started cleaning out the garage and getting some things organized while my mom and sister watched the boys. Owen would mosey on into the garage every once in a while to see what we'd put in the "donations" pile and try to save some of his favorites. He decided we "had to" keep an old plate holder and a couple candles. He's not so good at letting go of stuff! We got rid of a whole trunk load of things we no longer want and we'll likely clean out the other half next weekend. It feels so good knowing we have that much less stuff to pack when we move!

Oh, and we finally have a date for our close of escrow and our move!!! We'll do our finally walk-through at the end of June and move right after the 4th of July!

Sunday was our productive day. We did a huge Costco trip, Keith had a haircut and I got a workout in (first one is weeks!). It always feels great to start the week off like this!

How was your weekend? I hope it was a great one!