Meet the Sullivans: Bed Buying Decisions, Decisisons

May 3, 2017

Bed Buying Decisions, Decisisons

One of the super awesome things about our upcoming move (and there are lots of them!) is that it's given us the excuse to get rid of or replace a lot of things that we no longer need or that haven't been working for us.

Keith and I bought the matress we currently have right before Owen was born. We'd upgraded from a full size bed to a queen, but over the years the mattress has all but fallen apart, so we've decided to get rid of it and upgrade to a king size. Obviously this is amazing because not only will we have more space in our bed, which we surely need with two growing boys, but it also means I get to pick out all new bedding and a new bed! We're going to hold off on buying all new furniture for the rest of our room since there are other things we want and need first.

I'd love your opinions on these headboards since I'm having so much trouble deciding for myself and Keith really could careless so long as it's not terribly ugly or non-functional.

Here are a few master bedrooms I love on Pinterest and the general look I'm going for...

source: Style at Home

Looking at these again I can see that there is a theme here with neutrals and grays. I also know I want all white bedding, which may or may not be a mistake with two little boys who like to eat crackers in my bed. Thank goodness for bleach! But I digress...

I'm torn between a few headboards and the choosing either a cream color, again risky with little kids, or a light gray, which has been a popular color, but will it last?

Right now our bedroom furniture is big and chunky and dark dark brown / black, but we'll be replacing it soon. The master is a pretty good size at about 17x18 feet and gets lots of light. Our walls will be the builder color which is an off white I think, but I'm considering painting the room.

Here are a few I'm considering:


What do you think? What's your personal favorite of these few? Thanks!

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Unknown said...

I've been eyeing gray headboards for my own master bedroom, but I really like the cream colored one in the bottom picture! It gives the room some warmth if the bedding is going to be white! I love all of your inspiration photos!!