Meet the Sullivans: Friday Five: First Haircut, Meal Worms and Margaritas!

May 5, 2017

Friday Five: First Haircut, Meal Worms and Margaritas!

Hello, and happy Cinco de Mayo! This week was an incredibly hot one for us. We loved the little taste of summer and all the time we got to spend outside, which all contributed to the week seeming to fly by. Here are a few of my favorites from the week:



| O N E | Luke had his first haircut on Tuesday. He instantly looked a year older with his new haircut! It was a pretty stressful experience for all of us. He didn't want to sit in the chair, so he sat in my lap, and pretty much cried and hid his face from his stylist the whole time. Poor kid. He immediately perked up when it was all over and we were out of the chair and he realized he still had his blue lollipop.

| T W O | My bug guy! How sweet is he gazing adoringly at his meal worm? They're responsible for checking on and feeding their very own little "pets" at school and O is totally into his. He has an deep love for squirmy things!

| T H R E E | My friend Kristy is hosting a #MayMomStyle challenge on her Instagram and Wednesday's prompt was is Back to Basics. This black Kimono Style Maxi dress is basically all I wear all summer, so it doesn't get any more basic than that! It's really fun trying to follow along with the prompts and has encouraged me to dig deeper into my closet and step away from my usual uniform of workout clothes.

| F O U R | Since it's Cinco de Mayo today we're having nachos for dinner and I will absolutely be making a couple of my Clementine & Lime Margaritas!

| F I V E | Luke's tube surgery is next week, so yesterday we went for his pre-op visit with the ENT. He went over everything we should expect etc. He can't eat or drink anything from midnight the night before, which will be really hard, and they're going to have to take him from us before he gets anesthesia which will be really difficult. Please say a little prayer for Luke.

And now I'm off because my littlest guy is waking up! Have a lovely weekend!
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