Meet the Sullivans: Mother's Day 2017

May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Hey there friends! Coming off another fun-filled weekend always makes Monday that much harder to bear. This Mother's Day was a particularly sweet one this year with Owen. He's five now and he totally gets what's going on. We went shopping for gifts for our moms last week and Owen was really concerned that he wasn't shopping for me too. I reassured him that the sweet little gifts he made at school were enough, but he insisted he had to get something else too. 

Last week all the kids in Owen's PreK class invited their moms to a surprise performance on the Thursday before Mother's Day. They sang us two cute songs and gave us some really adorable handmade gifts. All week Owen had been telling me he couldn't sing them to me because they were a secret, so I was happy to finally get to hear them.

I will absolutely keep this picture he painted FOREVER! He says he picked the colors blue and green because they're my favorite colors, which is correct. He said the pictures are of him crawling when he was a baby, mommy holding him as a baby and the top picture is of "daddy laying on the couch", which totally made me laugh out loud.

While this is totally hilarious I have to defend my husband and tell you that he only lays on the couch some of the time and not "all the time" like Owen explained to us when we inquired about the painting.

See why this age is so fun?!

His other little gifts included a pretty gold painted hand print and a watering can he painted with "grass, the sky and the sunshine" and a little sign that says "My mommy is special because I love snuggling with her and spending time together!".
Saturday I got a little pre-Mom's Day treat and had my hair highlighted! I was way overdue for a hair color, so much that a few people had commented on my "balayage" color, which was actually just my roots and totally unintentionally. Anyway, it was nice to just sit for an hour and a half, and to come out with blonde hair again. I might not be a natural blonde, but I definitely feel like one at heart ;)

Sunday morning I slept in a little and Keith took the boys out to get coffee and breakfast. We enjoyed a slow morning and drank lots of coffee and played around the house. Keith and the boys gave me a cute card and a pedicure. Owen supplemented the gift with some rosemary from the front yard so I could use it for cooking dinner, which is pretty sweet.

Around lunch time we went for a picnic with my mom and sister at our favorite park. It was incredibly windy, and picnics with little children don't always work out as planned, but we had a nice time and enjoyed some mimosas and good food.

And I got the number one thing I secretly wanted for Mother's Day this year, which was a  nice picture of me with my boys in which at least one of the was smiling! Score!

Did you have a nice weekend?

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