Meet the Sullivans: Weekending

May 1, 2017


Hey there, friends! It's always hard to kiss the weekend goodbye when we've had such a great one. The weather was gorgeous and we're all healthy, so it was a particularly nice couple days.

Owen doesn't have school on Fridays, so it always feels like an early start to the weekend for us when we get to take our time Friday morning. It seems like over the past month and a half we've pretty much been at the doctor every Friday somehow, for one reason or another, but this week we weren't!

Luke has been really into smoothies lately and begs at the blender for one, so I made us all chocolate protein shakes (one scoop chocolate protein powder, a banana, milk or almond milk and ice). Lukey climbed up on the couch next to Owen, gave him a hug and snuggled up to watch a show. We try to keep him from any screen time, but this was too cute to stop. I gave them a blanket and their smoothies and just gushed. There is nothing like watching your child love each other.

Luke napped and I packed up lunch for us all and then we headed out to CuriOdyssey to check out their new exhibits and watch the airplanes take off. Luke was much more into checking everything out this time, so it was much more fun for him. He's still pretty afraid of the fog machine though and peeks at it from behind corners.

We spent most of the afternoon in the backyard until it was time to cook dinner. I love this gorgeous warm weather we've been having that allows us to be outside so much!

Saturday morning we hung around the house and had pancakes. We tried the Trader Joe's Coconut pancakes this time.  Keith, Luke and I all liked them, but I think Owen still prefers the Pumpkin Pancake mix.

Around lunch time my mom and sister came by and we all went to the farmer's market near us. It is always so packed up there on a nice day. I love taking Owen through the fruit and vegetable stands because he's usually more interested in trying new things if he sees them being sold there. His picks were some gigantic strawberries, some sweet little tomatoes and our favorite huge chocolate chip cookies. We also grabbed lunch there and had a picnic. 

After the farmer's market Keith and I started cleaning out the garage and getting some things organized while my mom and sister watched the boys. Owen would mosey on into the garage every once in a while to see what we'd put in the "donations" pile and try to save some of his favorites. He decided we "had to" keep an old plate holder and a couple candles. He's not so good at letting go of stuff! We got rid of a whole trunk load of things we no longer want and we'll likely clean out the other half next weekend. It feels so good knowing we have that much less stuff to pack when we move!

Oh, and we finally have a date for our close of escrow and our move!!! We'll do our finally walk-through at the end of June and move right after the 4th of July!

Sunday was our productive day. We did a huge Costco trip, Keith had a haircut and I got a workout in (first one is weeks!). It always feels great to start the week off like this!

How was your weekend? I hope it was a great one!

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