Meet the Sullivans: Day in the Life - Septermber 2017

September 6, 2017

Day in the Life - Septermber 2017

Hey friends! It's been a while since I've documented what a day in our life is like, so for the sake of my own memories I thought it would be fun to do one. These days of our life, when our kids are so little and sweet (and we're exhausted) are the BEST. I want to remember them forever!

So, this is Thursday, August 31st 2017. I'm 35, Keith is 38, Owen is 5 1/2 and Luke is 21 months.

5:54am Keith wakes up and starts to get ready for work without waking me, but that's almost impossible to do because I'm such a light sleeper these days (thanks, motherhood!). I try to go back to sleep for a bit, but then decided to take advantage of the fact that I am up before my children and get myself ready.

6:19am Change into gym clothes, wash face, brush teeth, comb hair, spray in dry shampoo and apply a little make up. If I have time in the morning I put on a little make up before the day starts because even though I'm going to the gym, I'll be dropping Owen off at Kindergarten first and then running errands before we come home and I can shower.

6:26am Keith and I head downstairs and make our coffee. He takes his black, and I'm still putting that awful for you International Delight creamer in mine. I know it's so bad for me, but I just enjoy it so much. Maybe next week I'll switch to just milk... probably not though.

6:40am Keith gets himself packed up for work while I make our breakfast (eggs, bagel thin and berries), prep breakfast for the boys (eggs for Luke, bagel with PB for Owen + berries and grapes) and pack snacks for Luke and I for after the gym since we'll be going to Target.

6:45am Owen is up! He comes downstairs and asks for a cup of milk, breakfast and "a little iPad time", which I give him. He gets 20 minutes in the morning to watch something he likes while he eats breakfast and I get stuff ready / cleaned up / take care of Lukey etc. He watches some "how to" videos about Minecraft, which he gets to play on the weekend. And he tells me a little about the dream he had last night.

Keith leaves for work right around this time and kisses us both goodbye before heading down to the garage.

7:16am Luke is up! Owen hears him on the alarm first and beats me up the stairs. I bring Luke a little bottle of milk so he can wake up a bit and so I can easily get him dressed and change his diaper. Owen asks if he can climb into the crib with him while he drinks his milk. They hold hands until Luke finishes his bottle and wants OUT!

Both boys get dressed. I picked out Owen's clothes and he brushes his teeth and hair while I get Luke dressed.

7:32am We're running right on time so we snap a quick picture together in the mirror in our bedroom. Most mornings we're rushing, but Owen got dressed the first time I asked instead of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th so we're making great time.

7:36am Luke on the other hand wants to do all the stairs himself this morning, which adds about 5 minutes to our clock by the time we finally make it to the garage. He's starting that "I can do it myself!" stage, and we have two flights of stairs to make it from the bedrooms, past the kitchen and down to the garage. At least he's cute while doing it!

8:00am It takes just minutes for us to drive to school, a few minutes to unload and then a couple more before we make it to line up outside Owen's class. He drops his lunchbox off in the red wagon and we wait for his teacher to come out for the class. All the kids march into the classroom and we head back to our car.

Owen is doing so well with Kindergarten! I wouldn't say he looooves going to school in the morning (he'd rather stay home with me and Luke and play), but he never complains, cries or refuses to go. Watching him do his thing at school makes me so very happy and even a little proud!

8:20am Luke and I arrive at the gym. I check him into the childcare there without too many tears. He doesn't love being left there, but after I'm out of sight he plays happily until I come back to get him. I do the HITT workout that the HIIT Challenge group I'm in is doing that day. It was a combination of burpees, push ups, hip raises, squats and buttkickers. I'm beat afterward but decided to use the Arch trainer for a little bit since I have a little more time.

9:20am Before I head to pick up Luke I double check my Target list to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. I've become increasingly forgetful as I've gotten older, but I blame that on my (sweet, amazing, wonderful) children. I like using the Wunderlist app to keep track of all my different lists.

9:49am We spend about 1 hour or so in Target gathering all the things we need from my list and stopping to look at a few things we definitely do no need, and then we check out and head home. Luke is pretty good in the shopping cart these days, as long as I give him access to plenty of snacks.

11:20am Ok, so here's what we got minus the storage bin, milk, cream, eggs and over the door hooks. Not bad for an hour worth of shopping! The boys are loving those cute Halloween coloring books we picked up!

11:30am Luke is kind of a little angel when he wants to be. While I put away our stuff and unloaded the dishwasher he played independently in the toy room. He looooves cooking in his little kitchen! We play for a little before heading out to pick Owen up.

12:25pm Owen gets out of school and hops into the wagon with Luke. They snack on Pirates Booty while I pull them home. The walk takes about 10-12 minutes but when I pull them both it takes a little longer -- they're heavy!

12:45pm Luke goes down for his nap, I make Owen a quick little lunch and he gets to have a little more downtime while I take a shower (finally!).

2:00pm While Luke naps I work on hanging my calender below the bulletin board I got earlier in the week. It's working well as a sort of "command center" to keep us organized etc.

3:00pm Luke is up from his nap! We play with toys and practice writing Owen's name. I pack up snacks and give Luke a good snack to make up for the fact that he slept through his lunchtime.

4:30pm Owen has his first soccer practice and it is blazing hot out there! The kids took 3 water breaks in 40 minutes! Luke was content watching the kids and eating his snacks while sitting in my lap on the picnic blanket.

5:45pm We head home and the boys hang around and play while I prep some dinner. I make shredded BBQ chicken in the Instant Pot, mix up some coleslaw and wash/cut some fruit and dinner prep is done!

6:30pm Keith gets home and we sit down for dinner, clean up dinner and play with the kids for a bit before heading up for bath time.

7:30pm Luke loves pouring the water out of the bath, as you can see, which drives us crazy -- it's an ongoing battle.

8:15pm Luke gets a few stories, and then it's Owen's turn. Luke is really into the Sandra Boynton books right now and we just finished reading Owen Minecraft: The Island, which was actually a pretty good story if I do say so myself.

We do hugs good night, where Luke runs around giving each of us hugs over and over again until we drag him away. Keith puts Owen to bed, and I put Luke to bed. It takes me forever to get him to finally fall asleep, so once he's asleep by 9pm I go to bed myself. Usually we watch some tv together but on this night we're both exhausted. And that's a typical day around here lately!

Thanks for reading!

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