Meet the Sullivans: Friday 5!

January 19, 2018

Friday 5!

Hello, my friends and happy Friday! Blogging two days in a row, whoop whoop! What is this, 2013? Anyway, better get on with this before I get interrupted...

What a quick week that was! MLK on Monday, Keith took the day off Tuesday and Owen's birthday was Thursday. Time flies when you're enjoying yourself and keeping busy!

Yesterday was Owen's 6th birthday! Cue the big ugly tears. He seems so big and grown up lately, and not just because he looks so tall and weighs 50+ lbs, but also in the way he carries himself and the things he says and the way he says them. We're so proud of him and the sweet person he is way deep down in his heart.

His day started with candles, chocolate donuts and a little gift (he got his main gift from us, his fish + tank + etc last week). He celebrated at school with a treat for his class and I got to read a story of his choosing and share a little "Story of Owen" with them along with some pictures. He and I baked a cake together and we had fried chicken (his pick!!) for dinner. This weekend we'll celebrate with a bunch of his friends at a trampoline place!

Bathing suit season, already. Do you feel like Target is trolling you in January when they have a huge section of swimsuits out, but you're still trying to undo all those holiday indulgences? I sure do, but I still bought a suit this week. I've been wearing the same two boring, too big for me now swimsuits the last two summers. I always hope to find a new one, but I wait too long and don't know what to pick so this year I just jumped the gun and bough myself another "mom" bathing suit. It's nothing fancy, but it's cute and keeps all the places covered while I swim with my grabby little boys. It also has built-in support cups, which I appreciate because my other suits have removable ones that always get all wonky looking.
Did I tell you Luke is taking swim lessons? He's 2 and this is his first swim lesson. On the first day of class I confessed to his teacher that this was only the 3rd time he'd been in the pool EVER. Whoops. Owen had been taking swim lessons for a few sessions by this age. We were worried we'd set him up to be scared of the water, but he absolutely LOVES being in the water, prefers to float on his tummy, kicking his legs and blowing bubbles in the water. He's even brave enough to jump into the pool and into my arms!

Baby on the Way! Nope, not mine -- my friend Anne is having her first baby, a little boy! Last weekend her friend Tiffany threw a beautiful shower for her at her home. All the details were lovely and the cake was heavenly. It was so amazing to see so many women come together to shower Anne and her little family with so much love and thoughtful gifts too.

BOOK BOOKS BOOKS I've been a reading machine so far this year. My new year's goal is usually to read more and get back to good eating habits of the holidays. I always set a goal to read one book a month, but by the end of January I'll have finished 3. That's a lot for me, as reading is an automatic sleep inducer for me. I love to read, but it just knocks me out. I think I'll write a post about the ones I've read this month and share my list of the ones I'll be starting afterward.

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