Meet the Sullivans: Friday 5: Valentine's, Dark Places and Blush!

January 26, 2018

Friday 5: Valentine's, Dark Places and Blush!

Good morning, friends and happy Friday! We're gearing up for a low-key weekend starting with family movie night at home tonight, and almost no other plans all weekend long. Sometimes it's nice to just see where the weekend takes us.

I'm probably curing myself by saying this, but both my boys are still sleeping, so here's my five before they wake up!

ONE A couple weeks ago when all the Valentine's Day stuff started popping up I grabbed these valentine's from the dollar spot at Target for Owen to give his classmates. I think they were $3 a box, and he thinks they're cool, so: Valentine's, CHECK!

TWO Luke and I hit up Trader Joe's after spinning yesterday and I picked up a couple new-to-me items. We have our go to favorite's, but it's fun to pick up the new stuff they have too! I already ripped into the X's & O's gummys (goodbye, calories burned at spinning), and I tried the crispbread with lunch topped with some guacamole (amazing!) and I thought the zucchini spirals would be good to have on hand in the freezer... we'll see if they're comparable to the fresh option.

Tell me what you've picked up lately that's worth trying!

THREE It's been kinda rainy this week, and yesterday on the way into school we spotted a gorgeous, huge rainbow! Maybe even a double rainbow! Owen was so excited to spot it and asked if he could skip school to chase it and find the gold at the end. I love this age!

FOUR The next two people who purchase BlushSense from me will receive this super cute little brush as a gift with purchase! You can email me ( or send me a message in my Xoxo by Colleen Facebook group or Instagram if you're interested!

FIVE I finished Dark Places by Gillian Flynn this week, and it was... well, really DARK. Well written, kept me wanting to read more and find out what really happened, but super dark and sad and a bit depressing. I read a lot of it, but also switched back and forth to listening to it too while cleaning or driving (by myself, of course).

Also, I just found out there was a movie made of the book back in 2015... but Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 4.7/10, so maybe it's not worth watching.

I haven't picked up a new book yet, so if you have any rec's send them my way!

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