Meet the Sullivans: February 2018

February 23, 2018

Avid 4 Adventure Summer Camps!

It's been a cold, windy week here and we're all dreaming of the warm summer days we'll have in a few months. Owen is in a kind of year-round school, so his summer is pretty short. In previous years we've signed him up for a few camps, and this year I'll do the same, but we'll limit it to just two so he still has plenty of time to just "be" this summer. I made lists of the camps we've tried and tried to rank them based on price v. fun / benefit, and the Avid 4 Adventure camp Owen did a few years ago is at the top of our list!

My little Owen at Learn to Bike camp two years ago!
All the moms in a local Facebook groups have been talking about their favorite camps for various ages, and I always find myself chiming in to mention what an awesome time Owen had at Learn to Bike camp, and the fact that he actually learned to ride a bike there! We're excited to be sending him to Avid again this year for the Exloprer Camp at the Burlingame location. There are also new locations this year in Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino, Pleasant Hill.

There are a lot of camps available for a range of ages -- Avid is not just for the school aged kids. They have Discovery Camp for children going into Pre-K and Kindergarten and Learn to Bike and Tykes on Bikes for Pre-K and Kindergarten kids too.

If you're interested in signing up just make sure you do it before next Wednesday 2/28, because that is when the Early Bird Savings of $25 for Day Camps and $70 for Overnight Camps ends! Use code EARLYBIRD to get this discount. Learn more and sign up at or call 800-977-9873!

February 20, 2018

10 on 10 - February 2018

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month! 

{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
ten on ten button
A couple weeks ago I tried to document our day by snapping ten photos to show what we were up to. 
This is Saturday, February 10th 2018

Our Saturday morning started off bright and early, as it usually does because our boys don't sleep in, but on this day we were out the door early for Owen's first mud race! 

Owen ran the Burlingame Muddy Mile with Keith! This is them before the race when they were still pretty clean!

And them after their race! There was a mile run before all of the obstacles -- army crawl, rope swing, rock climb, etc. Owen said it was so much fun that he wanted to do the whole thing over again right then. I see more fun races in his future!

Luke fell asleep as soon as he and I arrived at the finish line to wait for Keith and Owen. I wished that he had been awake to see Owen do the obstacles, but it was definitely easier for me that he was asleep.

Owen helped clean his fish tank when we got home. We're supposed to do this every other weekend, but we didn't have time two weekends in a row (sorry, fish), so it was in real need of a cleaning that day. I think the fish and tank are the best birthday gift we've ever given Owen because not only do they provide him some entertainment, but they have also given him some more responsibilities at home.

While Keith and Owen cleaned the fish tank I put together lunch for Owen and Luke. Nothing fancy, but something semi-ballanced that I know they will enjoy. Anyone else feel like a short order cook most of the time? I want them to both like what they're eating, but most of the time the only thing that's the same on both their plates is grapes!

Keith went for a haircut in the afternoon, so the boys and I hung out at home and played. It seems like we're always rushing off to somewhere on the weekends, so it's really nice to stay in and just let them play with their (many, many, many) toys. In anticipation of Monday being the 100th day of school Owen and I counted out 100 Legos by grouping 10 groups of 10 and then we built a fort out of them.

After Keith came home I snuck off for a pedicure. It was lovely! I went with the orange-ish color, which is OPI My Chihuahua Bites. There was an open house in our neighborhood with the same plan as ours, so I stopped by that on the way home too. I always hope to get some ideas, but it was pretty plain.

We decided to take the boys out for dinner, so we tried ROAM burger in downtown San Mateo. Owen loved the blood orange soda, and we all thought the fry trio (original, zucchini and sweet fries) was aaaamazing! I had the French & Fries burger, which was great, but probably too heavy for me to get again.

Afterward we took the boys to Talbots Toyland for some toys. If I could chose I would buy all of their toys there. The prices aren't as low as Amazon, but the experience of shopping in a classic (dare I say old school) toy store is priceless. We always find something new to buy there. Owen got a venus fly trap kit and Luke got a Playmobil garbage truck, because he's obsessed with garbage trucks. Luke also loved the little playhouses!

And that was our day!

February 16, 2018

Disney On Ice Giveaway!

Good morning, friends! Today I'm just here to share a discount code for Disney On Ice tickets and GIVEAWAY 4 tickets to the shows happening here at Oracle and SAP over the next two weeks!
Some details about the show:

Follow your heart straight to adventure at Disney On Ice! Just keep swimming with Dory and new pal Hank from Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory as they set out to find her parents. Cheer with the Emotions from Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out. Venture to wintery Arendelle where Olaf and Kristoff help reunite Anna and Elsa and learn love is the most powerful magic of all. See the Disney Princesses achieve their dreams through bravery, kindness and perseverance. And celebrate true friendship with The Toy Story gang. Make unforgettable memories with Mickey and your Disney friends when Disney On Ice presents Follow Your Heart skates into your hometown!

The giveaway is for one of these dates. I will contact the winner after they have been chosen and they will get to pick the date they would like. Tickets will be available for you at will call the day of the show.


Wednesday, February 21st 2018 at SAP Center in San Jose


Wednesday, February 28th 2018 at Oracle Arena in Oakland


SAP Center at San Jose
February 21-25, 2018
View Venue Info

Oracle Arena
February 28-March 4, 2018
View Venue Info

You can save 25% on tickets to any performance with code MOM

Savings not valid on VIP or Rinkside seats. No double discounts. Service charges, handling and facility fees may apply.


Leave a comment below telling me your kid's favorite Disney character! I'll have Owen pick a number at random and that comment will get the tickets! Good luck!  

In the meantime, get your kids excited and ready for the show with this cute Coloring Sheet! I'll pick the winner on Sunday morning! 

February 12, 2018

Follow Your Art with Gymboree & Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Gymboree, but as always, all opinions are my own. #FollowYourArt

We've been having an unusually warm and beautiful February here California! We've had almost two weeks worth of bright sunny days, prompting us to break out the shorts and spring clothes, and enjoy some extra time outdoors!

My boys love all the messiest outside activities like playing in mud, wet sand and of course sidewalk chalk! I love letting them go wild and express their creative side, and hate telling them to "not get dirty", so I truly appreciate being able to dress them in clothes that meet the cuteness level I like, while still being durable enough to withstand their creations.

Sidewalk Chalk has been incredibly popular with both of them lately! Owen likes to draw some of his favorite characters and Luke mainly draws lines. They usually end up covered from head to toe in CHALK!

When I feel sneaking in a little lesson here are some of our favorite activities:

Find and Erase Matching Shapes
Gross Motor Games
Number Line Fun!
Chalk ABC Game

I really dislike having to tell my children to not get messy when they're playing, I want them to have fun and express themselves and not worry about ruining their outfits! -- that's why I love Gymboree!

They've been making kids clothes since 1986, and know that parents want clothes that make their kids feel great, inside and out. That’s why play-ready quality and comfort are so important!

There is so much new to see at Gymboree right now! They're ready for spring with hundreds of bright, new styles and fresh ideas—it’s a season full of possibilities!

Here are the links to what the boys are wearing -- most of which are 30% off right now!

Owen's outfit details:
Luke's outfit details:

Gymboree styles are ready to be mixed so kids can start to discover who they want to be. Because when kids feel great in their clothes, anything is possible.

I'd love to hear what cute spring outfit you'd dress your kids in! Head on over to Gymboree and then share what you'd pick in the comments below! 

I'll pick one comment at random to win a $50 Gymboree gift card!

February 9, 2018

Friday 5 - Shoe Steal, Soup Recipe and Decorating Help!

Helloooo, Friday! The last two weeks have been rough with sickness for Luke and I, which means little sleep and a whole lot of tissues being used. I'm so thankful it's the weekend again and that we're all 90% better. The weather has been gorgeous this week, so I'm looking forward to enjoying with my family.

O N E - FIRST, can you believe I paid a little under $6 for these shoes from Target? They were already on clearance and then with the 20% of from the Cartwheel app the total came to under $6, and I was totally amazed! I really like the shoes, but for that price I LOVE them.

T W O - The soil is currently being replenished in the community garden and these two boys are super excited to plant some stuff! I asked the master gardener (thank goodness for her because I'm clueless when it comes to gardening!) what we should plant when they re-open in March and she suggested we start with beans, peas and herbs. I'm really hopeful this will get my children to eat either of those things!

T H R E E - I'm realllly taking my time putting things up on our walls.  I don't want to rush into making any decisions, because I know once somethings up there I probably won't take it down. What should I put here above the buffet table? I think I want to put a mirror there, but if you have some suggestions or other cool, more creative ideas I would LOVE to hear them. 

F O U R - Owen made this cute card for his teacher's birthday this week! We searched Pinterest for ideas and dug through our craft stuff to find the supplies, and then he did most of the work with the gluing and placing and cutting and folding. We don't do a lot of crafting, but it's always fun (and super messy) when we do!

F I V E - I made this Lentil Soup with Spicy Italian Sausage a couple weeks ago when it was raining and it hit the spot. It was so good, and the lentils really thickened the whole thing up. It calls for a lot of broth, and needs every last drop of it.

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