Meet the Sullivans: Avid 4 Adventure Summer Camps!

February 23, 2018

Avid 4 Adventure Summer Camps!

It's been a cold, windy week here and we're all dreaming of the warm summer days we'll have in a few months. Owen is in a kind of year-round school, so his summer is pretty short. In previous years we've signed him up for a few camps, and this year I'll do the same, but we'll limit it to just two so he still has plenty of time to just "be" this summer. I made lists of the camps we've tried and tried to rank them based on price v. fun / benefit, and the Avid 4 Adventure camp Owen did a few years ago is at the top of our list!

My little Owen at Learn to Bike camp two years ago!
All the moms in a local Facebook groups have been talking about their favorite camps for various ages, and I always find myself chiming in to mention what an awesome time Owen had at Learn to Bike camp, and the fact that he actually learned to ride a bike there! We're excited to be sending him to Avid again this year for the Exloprer Camp at the Burlingame location. There are also new locations this year in Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino, Pleasant Hill.

There are a lot of camps available for a range of ages -- Avid is not just for the school aged kids. They have Discovery Camp for children going into Pre-K and Kindergarten and Learn to Bike and Tykes on Bikes for Pre-K and Kindergarten kids too.

If you're interested in signing up just make sure you do it before next Wednesday 2/28, because that is when the Early Bird Savings of $25 for Day Camps and $70 for Overnight Camps ends! Use code EARLYBIRD to get this discount. Learn more and sign up at or call 800-977-9873!

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