Meet the Sullivans: Follow Your Art with Gymboree & Giveaway!

February 12, 2018

Follow Your Art with Gymboree & Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Gymboree, but as always, all opinions are my own. #FollowYourArt

We've been having an unusually warm and beautiful February here California! We've had almost two weeks worth of bright sunny days, prompting us to break out the shorts and spring clothes, and enjoy some extra time outdoors!

My boys love all the messiest outside activities like playing in mud, wet sand and of course sidewalk chalk! I love letting them go wild and express their creative side, and hate telling them to "not get dirty", so I truly appreciate being able to dress them in clothes that meet the cuteness level I like, while still being durable enough to withstand their creations.

Sidewalk Chalk has been incredibly popular with both of them lately! Owen likes to draw some of his favorite characters and Luke mainly draws lines. They usually end up covered from head to toe in CHALK!

When I feel sneaking in a little lesson here are some of our favorite activities:

Find and Erase Matching Shapes
Gross Motor Games
Number Line Fun!
Chalk ABC Game

I really dislike having to tell my children to not get messy when they're playing, I want them to have fun and express themselves and not worry about ruining their outfits! -- that's why I love Gymboree!

They've been making kids clothes since 1986, and know that parents want clothes that make their kids feel great, inside and out. That’s why play-ready quality and comfort are so important!

There is so much new to see at Gymboree right now! They're ready for spring with hundreds of bright, new styles and fresh ideas—it’s a season full of possibilities!

Here are the links to what the boys are wearing -- most of which are 30% off right now!

Owen's outfit details:
Luke's outfit details:

Gymboree styles are ready to be mixed so kids can start to discover who they want to be. Because when kids feel great in their clothes, anything is possible.

I'd love to hear what cute spring outfit you'd dress your kids in! Head on over to Gymboree and then share what you'd pick in the comments below! 

I'll pick one comment at random to win a $50 Gymboree gift card!

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JRHF said...

I would dress my girls in one of the cute floral dresses and eyelet flats!