Meet the Sullivans: Friday Five: Perler Beads, Ikea and St. Patrick's Day

March 23, 2018

Friday Five: Perler Beads, Ikea and St. Patrick's Day

Happy Friday!

| O N E | We celebrated St. Patrick's Day last weekend with a big family dinner, and lots of good Irish food. I brought my usual Irish Soda Bread like I do each year. I made 4 loaves this year since our group was pretty big this year. What's pictured isn't even all of it, there were 1 1/2 loaves not pictured.

Owen worked on his leprechaun trap during the week leading up to St. Patrick's Day and we set it up in the kitchen the night before. Unfortunately, he did not catch a leprechaun again this year, but he wasn't too bummed because the sneaky guy left behind some chocolate gold coins instead. 

The leprechaun also left behind proof of his mischief in form of a green toy battle scene and green toilet water.

| T W O | My sister-in-law watches Luke for me on Wednesday mornings so I can help in Owen's classroom. I'm usually done helping early, so I'm left with a little time to run some errands. This week I went to Ikea with a list of items to aide in some spring organizing plans I have.

I picked up...

- an Algot drawer thing for Owen and Luke's closet
- some shelf risers for the kitchen
- bins for the pantry (they were on SALE for $4.50 and $2.79!)
- napkins because I always buy them when I go. I love their fun designs and low price!
- trains for Luke's Easter basket
- a set of mesh bags for luggage organization
- a plant and prints for a PTA Teacher Appreciation Day project
- Perler beads for Owen

I pretty much always buy napkins and straws when I go to Ikea, and it's always fun to see what new things they have.

| T H R E E |  The MVP purchase of my shopping trip was undoubtedly the Perler beads! Owen sat for over an hour and a half creating his designs. I have to admit, I'm pretty into them myself! Pinterest has some really cute design ideas.

| F O U R | My first Grove collaborative order arrived this week! Can you believe my whole order was $22.41? There is an offering going on (you can find it on Megan's blog, Honey We're Home) that will give you some free Mrs. Meyer's items with a purchase of $20 or more, so I jumped on it. I love the peony smell!

Get $10 off your first order by using my referral code!

| F I V E | My favorite snack this week, rice cakes with PB2, half a banana and a dash of cinnamon. Filling, a little sweet, the perfect snack with a cup of coffee in the afternoon!

Have any fun weekend plans? I just checked the weather and it looks like there is no longer rain being anticipated for the weekend, so we will probably be busy with t-ball practice and games as planned! Have a good one!

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