Meet the Sullivans: Goodbye, Kindergarten!

July 6, 2018

Goodbye, Kindergarten!

Well, that went by quickly. I know it's cliche, but this school year went by so fast for us. There we a few end-of-the-year activities keeping us busy in the last few weeks and then BAM it was promotion day. Even Owen was surprised and a little sad to leave kindergarten!

You can't tell by these pictures, but Owen has grown SO much this school year. The shirt and sweatshirt he wore on the first day of school are too short and a little snug now. Clothes and shoes seem to be the best indicator of growth these days since he is growing right before my eyes.

The truest of all Owen's loves / likes on his chalkboard is definitely his love of playing tag! He probably played tag at school 3x a day including recess and after school etc. and then usually with Keith and I at the park after dinner. He loves tag!

The kindergartners entertained the parents and families with a few cute songs and a dance to Dynamite by Taio Cruz. We caught Owen requesting the song on our Alexa a few times to practice his moves, but he always asked us to forget we saw anything. He was so proud to finally show off his moves on the special day!

I can't believe that in a few years I'll have both my kiddos at the same school! I'm sure Luke will feel like an old pro making his way around the campus by then.

Owen insisted on bringing a little end of the year gift to his classmates. He knew exactly what he wanted to give them (bouncy balls) and what the tags should day "have a BOUNCY summer". I tried to convince him to use "have a BALL this summer" but he was set on his idea, and it was his gift so I let him roll with it. 

I think he's really going to miss them this summer! I love the bond the kids make each year! 

The day before graduation we put together a little field day / party for all the kindergartners at school. They played games (dance party, potato sack, parachute, water balloons etc.), decorated their caps for their graduation and had a snack. They all seemed to have a LOT of fun!

How cute are these caps? I love the hand print and how colorful they all looked. Such a cute keepsake! 

We're already a few weeks into summer and since we're on a semi- year round schedule our summer is only 7 weeks long, so we go back to school mid-August.  First grade is truly right around the corner!

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