Meet the Sullivans: Cherry Picking at U Pick Orchards

May 27, 2020

Cherry Picking at U Pick Orchards

One benefit of the shelter-in-place has been the opportunity to slow down a bit on the weekends. Our "normal", pre-COVID-19 weekend would include a variety of sports, birthday parties, seeing family, Cub Scouts, seeing friends, church and CCD. We'd be lucky to get some of our to-do's done at home or fit a workout in, but these days we've got all the time in the world. With so much time to spend we've been able to go on a few little local adventures that we would usually not have time for... like cherry picking!

Keith is off on Tuesdays right now so we took off early after breakfast. It took about 45 minutes for us to make it to Morgan Hill. Unfortunately when we got there we realized that the U Pick Orchards ranch we had planned to go to was closed for the day. They rotate which ranch is open depending on the availability of fruit, so we had to call to ask which one was open that day. It had changed since the day before, and I hadn't thought to check the site again. Needless to say it would be smart to check on that right before you go.

We ended up at ranch #4 in Gilroy. Parking was easy, as they had lots of signs and a parking attendant. There were quite a few people when we arrived, but we didn't have to wait in any lines.

They have a huge orchard there with lots of trees and plenty of fruit low enough for Luke to be able to reach. I had been worried he wouldn't be able to reach the fruit and there are no stools or ladders aloud on the property.

They also do not allow back packs in the orchards, but Owen was able to wear his hydration pack.

The cherries are $5 a lb, which is a really great price if you think of how much they would cost if you bought them at Costco or Whole Foods. We picked 4lbs of cherries in about 45 minutes. The boys have been enjoying snacking on the cherries and I'm trying to come up with a recipe for them before they're all gone.

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