Meet the Sullivans

March 22, 2017

St. Patrick's Day + Our Weekly Menu

Hello there! I hope you had a nice weekend. As I'm writing this I'm already starting to feel like it was forever ago, which it pretty much was because it's already Wednesday afternoon.

On Saturday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with family! It's always been a tradition in Keith's family to have a big party of the holiday and now my mom and sister join us too. Everyone has a fun time hanging out, playing games and enjoying each others company, and maybe an Irish Car Bomb or two. ;)

I had the boys dressed in matching shamrock t-shirts (thanks, Old Navy!), but completely forgot to get a picture of them together -- they were both too busy having fun with everyone. We only managed to get Owen to stop playing basketball for a split second to take this picture before he ran back over to play again.

Owen was really into the whole idea of making a leprechaun trap this year, so in the week or two leading up to the day he and I worked on making his creation. I let him take the lead completely on deciding how he wanted to whole thing come together and just helped him execute it with the tape and collecting the supplies, etc.

Luke enjoyed his first taste of corned beef and ate two servings! He's a great eater and it's such a relief.

We got a nice family photo! We've taken one each year for at least the last 5 years and I'm always to happy to have them to look back on. The kids have all grown so much!

Traditional St. Patrick's Day food has really grown on me over the years. I definitely don't cook it through the year, but I always enjoy it on the holiday. I made Irish Soda bread again this year and it was fantastic!

Speaking of food... here is what's on our dinner menu for the week. Nothing too fun or interesting. I bought pretty much everything at Costco, which means there is little to no prep work all week -- hooray!

Monday - Italian Meatballs, Pesto Tortellini and Green Beans
Tuesday - Rotisserie Chicken, Cesar Salad and Brown Rice
Wednesday - Salmon, Asian Salad and Brown Rice
Thursday - Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast over Cauliflower Rice
Friday - pizza!

Hope you're having a great week so far! 

March 15, 2017

Weekend Fun & Our Menu

It's Wednesday morning and I'm so missing the weekend, still. It was a really great couple days with a lot of sunshine, fresh air and time spent with family and great friends.

Saturday morning we hung out at home until heading to Owen's basketball game at noon. Luke napped, Owen played a little Minecraft, and Keith and I took turns getting our workouts in.

My mom, sister and Keith's mom met us at the gym to watch Owen's game. I'm so glad we signed him up and kept him on the team, because he has made some great improvements in his skills and confidence on the court. After the game we grabbed lunch at Whole Foods and went to the park.

A standard Sunday morning scene... coffee and trying to read the Target ad while Luke tries to dive head first into my coffee. This kid is crazy for coffee mugs, and letting him peek into my cup always gets a huge smile!

After coffee and breakfast we packed up for the beach. We met our friends at Redondo beach in Half Moon Bay for some tide pool exploring and mimosas. The tide was way higher than I've seen it before and the water from the waves was making it really far up the beach. Our things almost got washed away a few times. It was the perfect weather and all the kids were happy, and the mommies had mimosas, so all was good!

FYI the hike down to the beach is a tough one if you plan on taking a trip down there yourself. We could only bring the necessities because we needed to have our hands free. 

After the beach we stopped at Sacrilege Brewery in downtown Half Moon Bay for lunch. Keith and I were super excited to see that they had three beers from Fieldwork Brewing Co. because they're opening a beer garden just blocks from where our new house is! On the left is the Super Cell (a double IPA) and the Saw Horse is on the right, both IPAs. The good news is the beer was fantastic, but I had Chilaquiles and they were just so-so.

After lunch Keith and the boys and I wandered around Main Street in search of an ice cream shop. We were kind of surprised that there wasn't a single ice cream store to be found. While we didn't find ice cream we did see a few other neat things... 

We walked through the outside of Oddyssea, which we've checked out before -- there are so many cute little crafty things for kids (and grown ups!) to make. I loved these mini-terrariums!

Owen and I loved these succulent letters! I think I need the "S" for our front door!

It was fun playing tourist in our own area. So often we drive through on our way to the beach or Pumpkin Festival and don't bother to check out any new places. I'm so glad we tried a new spot for lunch too!

Later after we got home I made a trip to the store for a few things and decided to make carrot cake for dessert! We love sweets in our family, but Keith and I try to only have them on Sunday evening, so when we do indulge I try to make it a good one! I used this Incredibly Moist and Easy Carrot Cake recipe and it was everything it claimed to be, although next time I would definitely double the frosting.

Speaking of recipes here's what's on my dinner menu for the week:

MONDAY - Cobb salad

TUESDAY - Roast chicken & roast veggies with brown rice

WEDNESDAY - Spaghetti squash & meatballs with roast broccoli

THURSDAY - Green chile chicken enchiladas with green salad

FRIDAY - takeout


After dinner and baths we put the boys to bed. They have been increasingly silly at bedtime lately. Luke likes to walk around in circles and spin himself around until he loses his balance. Owen thinks it's hilarious and tries to join in. They remind us of Donald O'Connor performing "Make 'Em Laugh" in Singin' in the Rain! Once they get the sillies it's hard to calm them down because they just feed off each other. 

After the boys were in bed Keith and I collapsed onto the couch to watch The Walking Dead and eat some carrot cake. It was heavenly!

Well, that was our weekend, and now we're about halfway to the next one already! Hooray!

March 14, 2017

Luke is 15 Months!

Our little Luke is growing bigger and bigger each week! Here is a little bit about him and all the ways he's changing.

Stats: Height - 31.5 inches (63%) Weight - 23lbs 5oz (59%) Head - 19.29 inches (95%)

Eating: You love food and sometimes I'm surprised (happily!) by how much you eat! Breakfast is usually scrambled eggs, oatmeal, avocado, pancakes, banana, cereal etc. For snacks you'll usually have some kind of pouch or try to eat what Owen is having. You recently discovered Goldfish crackers, and you're hooked. For dinner you'll have what we're eating plus some avocado or sweet potato, etc.

You love milk! You drink a bottle of milk right when you wake up in the morning and then a few smaller ones throughout the day. I've started cutting your whole milk with a little water because you love to have lots of bottles throughout the day.

Sleep: You're usually us 1-2 times through the night. If you wake up 2x then you usually sleep in later, but there is never a guarantee. You take 1-2 naps based on what time you woke up in the morning. Your naps are usually 2-3 hours long if you take one nap, and then if you take two naps each one ends up being about 1 1/2-2 hours. You wake up cranky after naps, unfortunately! Sometimes when you wake up in the night I think you've been having bad dreams because all you want it to get out of your room and you cry and scream until we go downstairs. Once we're on the couch downstairs you calm down and fall asleep on me, and then we go back up to your room.

Health: Last month you had another ear infection (or the same one that never went away) and the doctor gave you Rocephin, a shot given over three days, that helped the infection go away. You've been a pretty happy guy since then. After you started to feel normal again Daddy and I marveled at how much we missed our sweet, happy baby boy! We are so glad to see you feeling more like yourself again.  

This morning we took you in for a hearing test, and found that your ear drums are barely functioning because of all the fluid in your ears. It looks like you will definitely be getting tubes very soon, but we won't know for sure until we see your ENT, who we are waiting to hear back from.  

  • Cooking "with" me in the kitchen. Luke loves to be held while I cook anything and he likes to watch steam rise from the stove. He's a huge fan of steam!
  • He loves his brother! When we pick Owen up from school Luke always tries to squeeze his way through the door so he can find O and sit in his lap. 
  • Books! Currently he loves Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Good Night Moon, all the Baby Touch & Feel books we have and the My First Colors & Shapes books. 
  • Dogs and birds. 
  • Riding in his Cozy Coupe. 
  • Being held upside down. 
  • Going to the doctor, which he's had to do a lot of in the last 3 months.  
  • Being taken away from mommy. 
Says: He says "mama", "dada", and some semblance of "hi". He also tries to sing-a-long when we sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  We know that you would probably be saying a lot more if you didn't have so many ear infections and so much fluid in your ears. We're hoping the tubes will fix that :) You also

Favorite toys: Kitchen toys, Minnie & Mickey's Mouse, blocks, balls, the Cozy Coupe, his broom and pretty much anything Owen is playing with! Loves to play outside. Loves to splash in water. Really loves getting to play in the sand box! 

Does: You wave "bye-bye" when someone says goodbye to you. You clap along to "If You're Happy and You Know It". You like to dump blocks / balls / anything out of containers and put them back in again. You love being read to and always want to sit in the reader's lap. You walk with confidence and can almost run now. You're a biter, unfortunately, and use it as a way to get attention or attack your brother when you want him to give you something of his.

Dear sweet little Luke,

We love you so much! You're such a fun, sweet and happy boy, although you still have a little spunk in you, and you're not afraid to let your feelings be known. You're such a joy and a seriously great snuggler!

xoxo, Mommy