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July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello, Friday! It's been a busy and exhausting week, but we've had lots of fun too. Here's my five:

one. Owen had been in VBS all week and he has been loving it! He is so tired, but in a great mood each day when we pick him up.  I bought the CD of five of the songs they sing each day and he sings along to it in the car. Tonight at dinner he told Keith and I that he prayed that Jesus would "still live with (him) for always", so I think it's been a great influence in him. It's a huge camp with lots and lots of kids, so I'm proud of him for being being brave and separating from us so easily each morning.

two. Last night I was prepping dinner and realized we were out of the pesto I needed, so I decided to use what I had to make a substitution. I used arugula and walnuts in place of basil and pine nuts, and it turned out really great! 

three. Does anyone out there know anything about DIYing a barn door? There are two in the model of our home and I just know it would be cheaper to do it ourselves and it doesn't seem that difficult, right? I don't think we'll put one in the master, but likely downstairs to separate the dining room and play room. 

four. Keith and I had great date last weekend! It had been way too long since we'd been out together without the kids. We got to tour the model without the kids, which allowed us to really talk about what we wanted to do with it, and we went to lunch and to do some shopping -- but the best part was just being able to have conversations without being interrupted 10,000x!

five. I picked up two pairs of the Tuff Athletics leggings from Costco after hearing from several people about how amazing they were, and they really are great! They're so comfortable and soft, and the material is just thick enough. Got get yourself a pair!

That's all for now. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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July 19, 2016

Look, No Training Wheels!

A few weeks ago Owen attended a week long, half-day Learn to Bike Camp through Avid 4 Adventure! The class is geared toward children going into PreK through Kindergarten who want to learn the joys of self-sufficient cycling while having fun.

Owen's journey to biking independently began years ago when we bought him his first bike, a balance bike, and he started to learn to ride it. Around Christmas time Keith's mom gave him a "real bike" with training wheels to help take him to the next level. He loved getting out to pedal around on it, so we knew he'd be ready to at least attempt riding it without the wheels. Hello, Bike Camp!

The camp takes place on-site and the ratio on instructor to student is 4:1 so that the children get lots of individualized attention and coaching. Owen's class had just three children in it, so he got loads of attention. Each day the students played games on and off their bikes, had snack, did yoga and crafts. The drills and games they did on their bikes were all fun and helped them build the confidence they needed to ride without training wheels. I thought this was such a neat way to help them get some extra time on their bikes! 

I would say that each child in his group was at a different bike riding ability level at the start of camp, but their teacher made sure to accommodate everyone's need individually. All the students started practicing on regular bikes, without pedals, from day one, and I think this was a huge factor in their success.

I tried to arrive a little early to pick Owen up each day so I could observe him while he learned, and I was amazed to see that he was already pedaling without training wheels on the second day of camp! What a thrill it was to see! He was so proud of himself!

We were so pleased with our experience at this camp! It was a great, outdoor, adventuerous camp for Owen, and the HUGE bonus is that he was able on hone in on his bike riding skills and reach a new milestone!

If you are looking for a  camp this summer that encourages your child to get outside, connect with nature, and enjoy an authentic adventure, then I encourage you to check out all of the amazing camps Avid 4 Adventure has to offer!

For more info follow Avid 4 Adventure on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

July 15, 2016

Hey, Friday!

Another fun filled week is behind us, and we're so glad the weekend is here! Here are a few randome thoughts and random things on this Friday morning...

Our shopping cart game changed earlier this week, because Luke is able to happily and independently sit in the cart! This change makes our shopping trips a little easier (no more jamming the car seat into the basket), and only a little less crazy!

Of course, as much as I try to stick to my list I never do. I picked up a few of these Yummy Spoonfuls baby food pouches, a Star Wars t-shirt for Owen to wear to his buddy's Star Wars birthday party this weekend, and of course HGTV Magazine!

Where is your favorite place to buy furniture? I love Pottery Barn, but most of their pieces are just a little more than I want to spend. We've bought a few things from Costco randomly, and I saw the cabinet above earlier this week. It's a lot like the one I want from Pottery Barn. Thoughts?

We've had our share of Ikea things, and while it's all served it's purpose, I'd like to buy higher quality pieces, that will last for the long haul. Specifically, I'm looking for a new arm chair similar to this one, a buffet / sideboard similar to this and some end tables for now.

I haven't colored my hair in 5 months and I'm kind of okay with it! I used to have my hair highlighted every 2-3 months, and I'm not saying I think it looks great, but it's kind of working for me. Maybe it's because it almost has a bit of a balayage look to it? Don't quote me on that. But I did make time for a pedicure this week! I tried a new color (forget the name) different from my go to favorite, OPI Mod About You. What is your favorite summer nail color?

Luke had his first experience in the kiddie pool this week, and he LOVED it! I sat him in it and he occupied himself for the longest time by trying to catch little pieces of grass (tracked in by Owen). He's such a chill little guy!

We've got a busy weekend ahead with a birthday party, church and all our usual errands -- plus a day date for Keith and I! We been on one date since Luke was born, so I'm really looking forward to it.

That's all for now. I hope you have a lovely weekend!
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