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November 13, 2017

The Weekend!

Hello there, friends! It's the Monday after a three day weekend for Owen and I have him home sick today from school. He had a fever last night and woke up with it still this morning. He's feeling better now, but just under the weather, so we're laying low today. Giving us all some grace for all the screen time and snacking happening today.

This was one of those weekends that was just so perfect! The kids slept well at night, Keith and I had a date night out with some friends, we all got out for a run / bike ride on Sunday and started prepping for Christmas. I felt like we got a lot accomplished, but still managed to relax and enjoy the weekend and each other too. I wish all weekends could be this way!

On Friday Owen was off school Veteran's Day, so mom my and I took the boys to CuriOdyssey. It was busier than I have ever seen it with a line all the way from the ticket window down to the parking lot, but being a member paid off and sent us up to the front of the line. We loved the new exhibit IlluminOdyssey! It's open now through January 7th and is definitely worth checking out! Luke wasn't into being inside with the crowd, but he loooved seeing the raccoons and river otters.

We have a new tradition on Friday nights of "family movie night" where we have dinner while watching a movie together on the couch. Owen really enjoys it and asks about it all week. And it gives us all a break from our usual dinner time routine, and clean up since I make a point to make something super simple or order takeout. This week we watched The Lego Batman Movie, which was really funny!

On Saturday morning (at 8am!) Owen and his Green Sharks teammates had their final soccer game of the season! He had a great first year playing and can't wait to play again next year! We oved watching him play and learn this season, but I'm happy to not have anymore 8am games for a while.

Saturday night Keith and I met up with some of our friends for dinner and a movie! We never ever get together without our kids, because our kids love playing together, and we had been talking about doing this forever, and I'm so glad we finally did. We got to eat warm food, not get up from our tables, drink our margaritas and talk without being interrupted. It was fantastic!

I took a little poll on my LipSense Instagram account to help me decide on which color to wear for Saturday night. Dark Pink got a couple votes and my mom requested Napa, so I mixed the two together (2 layers Dark Pink and 1 layer Napa) to get this pretty, shimmery bright pink color. It's not a mix I would have tried myself but I loved it, and it lasted all night long of course!

Sunday morning we cooked a nice breakfast and cleaned up the house before heading out for the day!

We loaded up Owen's bike and the BOB stroller and took the boys out to the Bay Trail in Foster City which runs along the bay near the San Mateo Bridge. Keith and I ran while Luke enjoyed snacks in the stroller and Owen biked. We stopped to collect some shells and check out the water for a bit before back. It felt so good to be out in the fresh air!

Afterward we had lunch and did some Christmas light shopping. We needed new lights for our tree and some for the outside of our house. I really really wanted white lights, but Owen just loves the colorful ones, so I gave in and went with it, but I did get white lights for outside. I think this is the first time in three years where I feel really ready for the Christmas season to begin!

Alright, Luke is up from his nap, so my time is up for today!

Last thing, what would you like to see more of here? I've been popping in for life updates and the such, but is there anything you'd like to see more of? Recipes? Kid activities? House stuff? Gift guides? Let me know in an email or in the comments below! 

October 13, 2017

Around Here Lately!

Hey, and happy Friday! 

Here's a bit of this and that and what's been going on with us lately!

Owen is off for two weeks right now for fall break! This week we're checking off a bunch of fall bucket list items like bake pumpkin bread, visit a pumpkin farm make a chocolate haunted house, decorate for Halloween etc. and a few other fun activities, and next week Owen has soccer camp. When I first looked at the school calendar for the year I was a bit worried about how I'd fill these breaks throughout the year, but this one is already going by quickly.

Kindergarten is going really well! I've seen some great progress in Owen recently in his number sense, as well as his interest in learning to read words and write stories. Watching our children learn new things is definitely one of the BEST things about being a parent. The huge bonus here is that as Owen is getting more interested in reading, Luke is obsessed with being read to. I don't always have time to drop everything and read (although I know Future Me is reading this and wishing I had), so I just suggest to Luke that he bring Owen the book. The above picture is a common scene around here lately!

Owen started soccer last month, so every Saturday we can be found cheering him on from the sidelines! ...or chasing after Luke on the nearby playground. Keith and I take turns watching or playing. Owen's team name is the Green Sharks. The kids kind of decided on the name together and Owen keeps asking me what a green shark is, because all the sharks we've ever seen have always been a gray-ish blue. Ha! He's been getting pretty into playing with his team, but he's still occasionally the kid who runs in the opposite direction to try to catch a butterfly, but that's just totally our boy.

He posed like this all on his own and wanted me to take his picture. I just LOVE this boy!
 Luke on the other hand thought it was pretty funny to squirm out of every photo op. Stinker!

We did the pumpkin patch thing last weekend with some of our good friends! Owen is such a great photo taker, but Luke was feeling off so it was hard to get any of him. The kids fed goats, ate sugar cookies, took pictures with pumpkins :), rode the little train and braved through the haunted house. We rewarded ourselves with lunch at The Half Moon Bay Brew Co., cause it's a tradition and we love that place.

Sorry for the awkward InstaStories quality photo, but I wanted to share this fall / winter dinner hack with you. I bought this Cheddar Broccoli bagged soup mix at Safeway this week to use for a quick dinner one night, and it turned out great!

You'd never know that the entire thing took minutes to put together and all came from bags -- zero prep here. I think I'll stock up on these items so I can have them in a pinch when I don't want to cook.

Step 1 - Sautee the sweet potato / cauliflower crumbles in olive oil and butter. Salt & pepper to taste. 
Step 2 - Add the soup mix + 4 cups chicken stock and 4 cups water, let it simmer for 12 minutes
Step 3 - Then add the chopped broccoli and let it simmer for another 10 minutes.

Not super healthy, but at least there were a variety of vegetables in it.

I participated in a little Sip & Shop a few weeks ago with a few other ladies! It was my very first time doing any kind of in person LipSense sales, so I was a little nervous, but it all ended up working out. I loved getting share my love for this lipstick and show people all the beautiful colors and benefits!If you want to hear more follow my LipSense pages on Facebook and Instagram!

We got our community garden box last week! The previous owners of the box must have given up on their garden and just left it to its own fate. Most of the plants are in poor condition, and we'll be uprooting them all to plant our own, but Owen has SO much fun pulling up what's been left behind! He literally stuffed his pockets with as many radishes and carrots as he could.

So that's what's been going on with us! Have a happy weekend, thanks for reading, and as always, you can usually keep up with us on Instagram and Instastories!
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