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May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend!

The Memorial Day weekend is behind us which means summer is right around the corner! Keith had four days off and it was so nice! We spent a lot of time hanging out at home, enjoying the company of family, and doing all the things we usually do on the weekend but at a slower pace.

I just have to warn you, there are so many photos in the post, but we had such a great weekend, so I took a lot of pictures. I hope you don't mind!

The weekend started Friday morning, since Keith had a four day weekend.  I dropped Owen off at school and Keith and I went for breakfast with just Luke. Hindsight is 20/20 because we used to think (when Owen was a baby) that it was so stressful bringing a baby to a restaurant, but now it's like a date only having one kid with us. We picked Owen up from school and then in the afternoon Keith took him our by the bay to play for a while. They came back with all sorts of treasures, included shells, dead crabs (yuck!) and more shells. Owen was thrilled and spent most of the evening in the backyard admiring all of his treasures.

On Saturday we took it easy and took turns going to the store, the gym, etc, and then went to Keith's sister's house for a barbecue and to watch the Warrior game. The game didn't look too good for the Dubs in the beginning, but they pulled through with a win! Our night was made!

We had a lazy Sunday morning, until about 8:30 when it was time to hustle to get us all ready and out the door for church. Can I get an amen for the LBD? I've had this dress since I had Owen (pssst it's actually maternity!) and I just can't get rid of it because it is so easy to nurse in, and I can wear it in the winter and summer. 

After church we stopped by the sales office to take quick peek at some of the finishes so I can get a better idea for how it will all look. We won't even be moving for quite a while since ours will be one of the last to be built, but thinking about it keeps me up at night, so it was good to get a closer look!

In the afternoon, after a two hour nap (!!!), I mixed up our favorite cocktails, the Moscow Mule, while Keith barbecued.

Dinner was a mashup of all sorts of our favorites. We've been bbqing chicken drumsticks lately since they're super easy and Owen loves them. I bought a watermelon at Costco and we've been having it all weekend, and I still have more in the fridge!

Monday morning we got going super early to beat the traffic out to Half Moon Bay, and go to the beach. The traffic is always so bad that we gave ourselves and hour to make a 30 minutes drive and I'm so glad we did because at 9:30am there was still traffic.

Lukey was asleep when we arrived at the beach and schlepped alllll of our stuff down to the sand. When he woke up he was in the best mood! This was his first trip to the beach!

Owen was in pure little boy heaven with all of the sand and the little sand crabs. He and Keith caught a lot of little ones and some pretty big ones too! He was busy digging in the sand the entire time we were there, and it wasn't until we were close to leaving that he stopped to have some lunch.

We used our Quick Shelter I bought at Costco and it was so awesome. We had shade and were shielded from the wind. I wish I'd had one of these when Owen was littler. It was so easy to put up and down.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend with the people you love!

May 24, 2016


I have a super simple crafty gift idea to share with you today!

Owen is at an age where he has started contributing his own ideas when we give gifts. He remembers the things people like, they're favorite colors and their interests, and then makes his suggestions based on those ideas. It's quite adorable! We were brainstorming ideas for something he could make for his grandmas for Mother's Day, and he remembered that both of his grandmas like to drink coffee. He suggested a coffee cup, so we decided a personalized coffee mug would be a nice gift.

I wanted to make sure that Owen could really take some creative ownership with this project, and that I could still make sure it looked nice enough to give as a gift. I decided that the best way to do this would be to add some stickers to the mugs, let him paint them, and then pull the stickers off.

We bought some simple letter stickers, a mug painting set, and some little stenciling sponges at Michael's. It was a very inexpensive craft to create since the mug painting set ended up being on sale when we bought it. 

Owen calls my mom "Granny" and Keith's mom "B", so we though it would be cute to use those names instead of their real names. I washed the mugs first, dried them thoroughly, and added the stickers. I did them a tad bit crooked on purpose because I knew I would never be able to get them all perfectly straight.

I made sure Owen added more dots around where the letters were so that no white was peeking through, and so the white of the letters would really stand out once we removed the stickers.

Owen added the paint around the rim of the mugs as his own little personal touch! See what I mean about creative ownership? After he was done I stuck them in the oven and set it to heat. The mug has to heat up with the oven, and then cool down completely before the pain is set.

After they cooled I was able to peel off the letters. I was worried that the stickers weren't going to come off or that the paint would leak through, but they came out perfectly!

I thought they turned out really nice, and Owen was so proud of his gifts for his grandmas! I think these would make pretty sweet little gifts for Father's Day or Grandparent's Day too!

May 20, 2016


Hey there! It's Friday and Owen is in school, Luke is sleeping, so I'm finally getting a minute to sit down and do a little catching up. Here's a little bit of what's been going on with us lately!

What's new with the boys? The weather has been really nice this week -- minus the wind we're having today -- so we've been outside A LOT this week. Owen stays busy outside searching for bugs and trying to catch lizards, and Luke and I love watching him. Luke's pink eye is all cleared up thanks to 4x daily eye drops, but now we think he's teething. Poor guy has been up every hour for the last two nights! We moved on from bananas last week to applesauce and sweet potatoes this week, both of which he LOVES!

We've been trying hard to cut back on eating out and ordering takeout for the last few months, so I've needed to find new ways to barely have to cook! No seriously, I love cooking, but not when it includes the witching hour, so a few times a week a give myself a "break" and cook something super simple. This week I doctored up some frozen Trader Joe's fettuccine with some shrimp, red pepper flakes and fresh parm. It was delicious and no one new the difference!

I don't think I've shared this here yet, but we are in the process of buying a townhouse! The foundation is just being laid (this is a shot of a neighbor's), and it won't be ready until the end of the year at the earliest, but we are SO excited! I'll share more details as it all develops.

The school year is almost over, and while I'm really going to miss being in the classroom with Owen I am NOT going to miss bringing Luke with me when I do. All I can say is thank goodness for the Lillebaby carrier! He's not a fan of the Ergo, but he does tolerate being strapped forward facing while I man the art table or the snack table.

I have a huge pile of O's art work for the year on the dining room table and I'm looking for a way to do something with it. I've saved all the really great little projects, but there are a lot of colorful little paintings that I still need to take care of. I'm thinking this would be a really fun way to display them! That's all from us for now! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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