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August 7, 2017

Back-to-School Shopping Haul with Kohl's & Carter's

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included Carter’s clothes as compensation.

School starts in just a few short weeks, and this will be a big year for Owen as he starts Kindergarten! We've been slowly collecting all of the things he needs for school, like new shoes, a new back pack and lunch box, school supplies and of course, new clothes!

I like to dress Owen in a collared shirt on the first day of school, but after that we revert back to play clothes that allow him to be comfortable and play. After the first day we usually alternate between cotton sweats, drawstring shorts and easy to pull on pants, and some kind of tee with a sweatshirt. With help from Kohl's I stocked up on a bunch of new Carter's t-shirts, sweatpants and shorts for Owen to wear! 

I try to set our Owen's clothes for school the night before, so he can wake up and get himself dressed before he comes down for breakfast. I feel pretty lucky that Owen still let's me pick out his clothes, but I know those days are numbered, so I try to make sure he likes what he wears in hopes this will keep him from refusing my choices for him altogether. 

There were so many cute options to choose from and I love that I can find coordinating outfits for both boys, as their sizes range from 2T for Luke all the way to a boys size 6 for Owen. There aren't many places where I can buy coordinating clothes that will fit bit of my boys!

Here are the items I picked up for Owen: 

This is the best time to stock up on clothes for the start of the coming school year before everything gets picked through! If you're doing back-to-school shopping this year, make sure you take advantage of these promotions going on now:

40% - 50% off Carter's Playwear Sale at Kohl's and $10 off $50 spent with promo code BTS10! Both promotions will run from 8/4 - 8/20!

Do you remember doing back-to-school shopping as a kid? It's one of my favorite memories! Have you started your back-to-school shopping already??

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Owen's shoes
Owen's backpack

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August 4, 2017

Friday Five - Back to School, Cheap Bubbly and a Recipe

Hello, and happy Friday! This week seemed long to me. Maybe because Luke's been sleeping so poorly or because we had no real schedule this week, so I'm really happy it's the weekend again.

Let's get down to it...

| O N E | I finally got around to opening up and using the Instant Pot this week! I was so excited to get one and then once it arrived, the poor thing sat in its box in the dinning room for almost two weeks. Thus is the life of a mom with young kids I guess. Anyway, I opened it up and put it to use this week and I was amazed by how quickly it cooked and how easy the clean up was.

I will admit that the directions and warnings and dos and don'ts were intimidating. I made this Pressure Cooker Beef & Broccoli, and even the kids liked it. I can't wait to try more recipes!

| T W O | Um, where did summer go? One minute I'm stocking up on sunscreen and popsicles, and in the blink of an eye I'm buying school supplies and thinking about the first day. Owen starts school in 12 days, but who's counting? We've got the clothes, the backpack and lunch box and all the school requested supplies ready to go. I'm equal parts excited and nervous for him. For the first time in three years he'll be walking into a classroom knowing no one and I'm just hoping he'll meet some nice kids to become friends with, that his teacher is amazing and that the year goes smoothly for him.

| T H R E E | Also, do you give your child's teacher a little something on the first day? Or is that kind of like being a kiss-up? I should know this, because I was a teacher, a kindergarten teacher to be exact, but I don't remember.

| F O U R | Have you tried these little Simpler Wines cans? I woman shopping at Trader Joe's was buying a bunch of them and said they're amazing, so at $4 for 4 cans I had to give them a try too, and they're fantastic! Perfect for a concert in the park or whatever. I'll be stocking up on them and trying the Rose next time!

| F I V E | Keith and I are celebrating our SEVEN year wedding anniversary this weekend with a real date night! We've got a sitter lined up and dinner reservations made! We haven't had a real date in, I don't know how long, so we're so excited! I can't wait to have a couple cocktails and a peaceful dinner with my favorite guy.

Now we're off to the gym and to run errands! I hope you have a great weekend!

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